Why College Grads Need A Trump President…

When the average American depends on the news to know what is going on in the world, (usually those with college educations – no attack intended, it’s just true) and they don’t bother to research, then why on earth do Trump supporters expect them to believe what they know and say about the man?

The average College grad has been indoctrinated with democratic and left wing philosophy and even most republican professors push sustainable development agenda hype.  The theory of evolution is taught as fact, and philosophy classes are in left field holding onto their own ideology of how everything is. The  Science that is taught is a matter of man and his vanity for it is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. (That is why they keep God out of it….they can’t see him nor do they know how to observe him…on the other hand God does both.) 

The average college grad, the pundits say, do not support Trump.  I do not believe that is true.  I see far more that do than do not.  However, if colleges for the most part, indoctrinate the theories and ideologies that I have just mentioned, along with a lot of rules for radicals….it is understandable how a thoroughly indoctrinated continued education goer who received a piece of paper stating they graduated, are the ones who vote for new world order puppets.  They simply don’t know any better.  They have become memorizers instead of critical thinkers.  For in order to get their papers, they had to agree and memorize a bunch of  questionable ideologies, theories, and a lot of  ‘Climate Change’  bla, bla.  Not to mention all the NWO sustainable development propaganda designed by designated committees to push smart and green ideals designed to usher in a new world order.

Liberal professors have fed many youth with theories and propaganda.  So sad, these kids would  have otherwise been smart, wise critical thinkers. They would have been innovators and not victims of liberal progressive ideology heading for the unemployment lines.

Maybe the truth can undo the damage before they drown in their student loans and bemoan themselves further because of their unemployment.  Maybe a bit of truth about the immigrants ushered in with B-1 visas designed too take their possible high tech jobs will open their eyes?

We can only hope that the college educated will open their eyes to how they were led down a liberal alley way and now left in the dark.  What good is it to see if your thinking is blind?

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Dianne Marshall


9 thoughts on “Why College Grads Need A Trump President…

  1. There are numerous reasons why the data may show that mostly blue-collar support Trump: 1) He resonates with unions and many democrats “to bring jobs back to the U.S.”. 2) this does not mean less than normal about of college-educated support, but instead more than normal blue-collar support. We know that independents and democrats will be supporting Trump, and Trump only. Your article here misses the point: there are many millions of us who support TRUMP and were not indoctrinated into any liberal ideology. –visit us on FaceBook: COLLEGE GRADUATES FORT TRUMP.

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    1. The article was in response to bloggers who kept associating Trump supporters with those who were not college grads. Many are college grads as I stated, and well put out there in other articles. I was addressing the college grad here to show how misleading the entire college argument has been. There are critical thinkers and memorizers was the point. Don’t let Liberal college professors screw up America or our kids was the jest. I am all for blue collar, no collar and white collar. It is all about jobs and the American way. Not about anything else. I was so sick and tired of hearing the college verses no college remarks. There is no difference in contributions in the work field and I tried to make my point by showing how mislead so many college grads have been. I am on your page.

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  2. It takes all of us. Every dang one of us to make America roll like a charm. Very few collage graduates are ever entrepreneurs. They work for them. Why? Because entrepreneurs are not indoctrinated…in fact most are not college grads. Most have intellect, some college and a whole lot of know how. That is what it is. Stat wise anyway. Now very few have the capability to be entrepreneurial compared to those who are pushed out in cans of college courses, ready to do the thing the recipe in the can said. Very few are ready to make a new recipe and be a chef in the realm of business. That difference is not anything I am making up…it is what it is. It has been documented and written. I merely report. Then there are those that have both the education and the entrepreneurial abilities…those often turn out to be the Trumps, or close. Very successful is the word.. Which brings us to the question of what happens when a government ties the hands of youth who could be a Trump or an Apple computer geek or a musician of sorts, a rock star or a simple successful business owner? Or a blue collar worker in a factory owned by a Trump or Apple computer geek? It all ends when America is torn down, interrupted and reprogramed. That is the bottom line.

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  3. For the record I am half white collar half blue collar and an entrepreneur. That is what makes me unique. I see all sides and value each. It takes all to make the world go round. I am for each group. I am also for lifting others up and out of their pits of going no where. I am for teaching all of the ways to be creative and to grow. I am and have always been one who shares what I know to others in my field to grow my industry which I have a tract record for. I view competition in the industry as strength, not weakness. People told me I was crazy for that when I did it, today they call me a mentor, I always knew I was a mentor and ignored the rants when I got them. Together we as Americans can all lend a hand and lift others up…but only with the American dream that was put in place by those that understand that to succeed one needs to give back and help others succeed in the process. That is what I believe anyway.

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    1. I am talking about my day job here. Not my writing. The writing is what I have stepped out to do to help others to see and to support Donald. J. Trump. I am a hard worker and a proud American who wants my kids and grand kids to have the same American opportunities that I have been blessed with. I do not want to diminish those opportunities, nor take them away. I want to increase them and be able to show others how to use the gifts they were born with to achieve the American dream. Not coheres a government program to make it so. I want to share a lifestyle opportunity, not a life with a gate around it. Not a limit. Not a set of welfare rules. I want to share what it takes for a person to stretch and achieve all they are able to achieve.

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  4. Well ALL are welcome in the big tent we are building with Donald. We have so much more in common than our differences. Donald for me is the Great Unifier who will bring us together united under our love of God and our love of America

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