People have forgotten what takes place in a real war. A war that is not fought by means of a proxy army that is easily led.  In Iraq and the middle east we have an endless battle ground fueled by those who harbor age old hatreds against one another.  The minds of the establishment elite have figured out their rules of engagement and allowed their puppets to fuel a never ending hatred among religious Jihad sects of Islam that we are told is our war.

The truth is, their are religious sects of Islam that have disputes with leaders and those of other sects of Islam that are willing to fight as mercenaries against the same groups they hate, all for the price of guns, ammunition and a few dollars. This is a not a war of nations, this is a war of mercenaries fighting age old hatreds and funded by greedy men who desire their land, their resources, access routes,  and to rid the area of sovereign nations in order to set new boundaries to the land that suit their own interests.

The establishment elite care not about the people living there.  If they did care, they would not be promoting and funding an endless war which will only end when one side entirely kills off the other, and the region is aggregated into their hands to rule.

They shield their evil under the guise of democracy.  This evil has nothing at all to do with democracy, it has all to do with totalitarian control over a region and its people.

Trump is a smart man.  He knows this.  The establishment is threatened by what Trump does and they fear him exposing their evil plans to all the citizens of the world.  The same citizens that they, in their closed door meetings, have labeled useless eaters.

We have heard Trump speak out about General Patton in his speeches. Trump has declared that the USA needs generals like Patton in order to secure the nation and end ISIS in the middle east once and for all. We need a commander in chief that has the grit to lead military generals and give them the order and backing to actually  go in and do what it takes to win the so called war on terror.  The establishment are absolutely afraid of hearing this.  Why?  Because all of their plans would be interrupted and their evil plots would be exposed for the war crimes against humanity that they are.  And their Babylon the Great would fall.

Trump is right about winning a war.  There are always civilian casualties. In the video of Patton below, in his speech, he tells of Germany and its utter obliteration of its cities.  That means civilians.  Remember, Japan did not surrender until we dropped two atomic bombs on their homeland and sadly, killing civilians.  War is evil, and it is bloody.  It is not something to discuss over coffee and debate like a favorite candidate running for office.  People die.  Mostly civilians.  ISIS is killing civilians. They are torturing, raping and pillaging them.  Cutting the heads off of civilians who will not convert to Islam, especially Christians.  It is shameful to admit, they are funded by the U.S., the  west and Saudi Arabia, along with a few other middle eastern states.

The establishment has set itself up as a Queen, infiltrating all aspects of the free world and believe that no one can come against her.  Yet, the people are waking up, they do not like what they are seeing and many nations who were in league with the evil designs of the new world order are now in the process of rethinking this league they entered into.

Vladimir Putin was one of the first to enter in and say, this is not who Russia is, nor wants to be a part of.  He withdrew from their league and refused to give Russian’s sovereignty over to this group of great merchants of the earth.  He is now exposing their evil little by little and sometimes in big ways.  Other nations are watching and many are starting to side with Putin’s unilateral view of the world to respect sovereignty of nations and not to topple regimes just because great merchants want it for their own gain.

We are at a time in the ages that many hoped to see and live during.  Yet, those here now are not as excited to see the outcome in reality, no matter how cavalier it looked like in the good book.  The words sweet as honey in thy mouth and bitter in thy stomach are exactly what best describe this moment in humanity.

It is time to brace yourselves for the beast is very angry and the great merchants are used to getting their way.  None of their infrastructure will go away, they will pull out all their guns to keep their grip on their little world order they so aspire to achieve.

We need  Trump for president and a whole lot of  General Patton’s to lead the few, the proud and the brave.  We will have it.  Get ready.  It is about to be a new world.  Just not the one the establishment seeks, thank God.

God bless our great men and women who serve with honor and their lives to protect us all.

General Patton’s speech in Los Angeles in 1945 and his death.  Narrated by Ronald Reagan.

Dianne Marshall



  1. You wrote:- 2 thoughts on “AMERICA NEEDS TRUMP AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF.”

    Abdul Basit Khakwany says: DISCRETION IS THE BETTER PART OF VALOR. (William Shakespeare) Meaning – CARE IS THE BETTER PART OF BRAVERY! IS TRUMP CAREFUL ENOUGH???? USA can destroy this entire world for a thousand times over and over again. Is Trump trustworthy enough to control himself during situational crisis, pressures, thoughts, fears, emotions and ego?

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    1. Trump has proven a yes to all of your concerns. He has a solid background in dealing with nations like China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, and others. He knows how to deal with dignitaries. Don’t confuse an election campaign with his ability to conduct diplomatic in all his affairs. He built his name, his reputation on honest, fair dealing and definitely has gained respect in the business financial world and internationally for being a man of his word and diplomacy. He is not a hot head, he is using a technique to expose the liars and demand truth. Unlike his opponents, he has remained strong and collected, very calculated in who he attacks in self defense. He is not the one that told anyone to go to hell, nor is he the one who threatened to kill other candidates and their supporters. He is not the one to attack, but he sure is one hell of a person to defend his name, his honor, and his supporters. I find that a strong attribute.

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  2. Lee says:

    I wholeheartedly believe an attempt will be made on Trump’s life. He is so close to tumbling the house of Cards and exposing the conniving lying elite players for what they are doing. There will always be war. I as a citizen of this great country always thought it was enough. I guess it’s not to these wanna be kings . Obama and Clinton are in that list. The pit is brewing and ready to flow over. D.J.T. please be vigilante, we desperately need to curtain to be pulled, you need to be alive and strong to do that!


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