Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses a legislative luncheon held as part of the "Road to Majority" conference in Washington

Trump attacked by Hillary in the debates for allegedly prompting Islamist extremists to share a video of Trump announcing he is against ISIS. Apparently this is going viral, yet no one can find the famous viral video being used in recruitment of moderate Muslims to join ISIS? Or something like that?  When asked about this mysterious video by George Stephanopoulos Trump called Hillary a liar.  Stephanopoulos also accused Putin of killing journalists, and Trump asked him to prove it.  George could not.

Cruz skipped a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing  again, this one was on countering the Islamic State.  Even though he has made fighting ISIS a campaign issue, and vowed to ‘utterly destroy ISIS’ and declared ‘the San Bernardino slaughter underscores we are at a time of war’, he chose to attend a fund raiser in New York instead, followed by an appearance on Fox News.

Guess he thought opening the pockets of  Goldman Sachs bankers for his super PAC was more important.  Is anyone going to vett this?

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Dianne Marshall



  1. I thought that their “success” was what fueled recruitment? You know “choosing the strong horse” and all of that? So capitulation and dhimmitude emboldens them, and standing up to them and their dhimmi enablers “angers” them and helps recruitment? To borrow your phrase “My head hurts” Mr. Trump should travel to Jordan, and have a chat with a fellow NRA member, King Abdullah, and establish (publicly) once and for all that only the jihadis and dhimmis are “offended” by straight talk, and common sense, in regards to a country’s security and sovereignty.

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  2. Red Hawk says:

    Like all your telling us here—Nice to get the straight side of a story. I agree, we need Trump. We’ve got to have a strong leader this next go around or we are toast. We do have on last chance to save our country and don’t need one of the good ole boys. To many cronies in D.C. both sides of the fence.

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  3. eliz eckleberry says:

    george is a little piss ant always going hard on #trump but doesnn/t know what hes talking about how about killery and all the stuff shes done and yet u support and give clinton money i love gma but will not watch ir because ur on it benghazi very sissyfied just like obama #trump to the w/h

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