CNN – How About Predict This – TRUMP WINS!


CNN Political predictions?  Trump loses 3 points in the predictions and  Cruz leads by gaining 1 point?  Look into the crystal ball again CNN….Trump is leading in all the states so….screw your political predictions!

CNN’s Political Prediction Market, administered by a company called Pivit, is a market game that factors polls and other factors and invites users to predict outcomes of the 2016 election.

Looks to me like they are the twin sister of ‘Club For Growth’.  Meanwhile, Trump voters are looking ahead to Make America Great Again! They have no time to waste on head games played out by political hacks.  They will not PIVIT to the slick willy  games of paid political charlatans!

I give you all a prediction.  I predict that if the candidates are all vetted as harshly as Trump has and is being vetted, they will dissolve like an Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water.

Now, CNN do your job and vett the liars, deceivers, actors and puppets!

Why hasn’t anyone pointed out Cruz’s absentee voting record?  It is soooo like Rubio and not a peep is being said.  Vett that for a while.  I’d love to hear his excuses.  I’m also still waiting to hear what he is going to say in defense to his wife Heidi’s  committee work for the Council On Foreign Relations which she helped write the manual on how to merge America into a North American Union.  I hope they hurry, I’m almost out of popcorn.

If the media won’t vett them, Trump supporters will!

Get used to Trump supporters, we aren’t going away.  While you’re at it, get used to this prediction – TRUMP WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE!

Dianne Marshall





6 thoughts on “CNN – How About Predict This – TRUMP WINS!

  1. Dianne: I just love your article read in regard to vetting Trump vs the reminder of the candidates. This is a first that Cruz has spent fewer days in the Senate just like Rubino, no body bothers to vett or cares to, they are idiots working in an organized gang teamed up to get rid of Trump. Laughing. I for one, have wonder since Cruz became a candidate noticing the time spent away from Washington. Now the truth is out. His supporters are fighting for what? Another NWO union as I have heard people none of the articles are to be believed against Cruz. Sooooooooooooo

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  2. Thank you all for believing in Trump as much as I do. Together we make up all the pieces of dry bones coming together to make a great and powerful army of the Lord to elect the one he has chosen to lead us in the battles ahead. That is what I believe. It is a battle of untold proportion, and great and I do mean great importance. The battle against all odds of leading God’s people out from the clutches of the beastly new world order. In that battle we go. Trump has stepped out and said, “No, the establishment cannot have America, it cannot have it’s people, it cannot do it’s fancy upon us. Nor can it destroy the entire world. Trump has come out of this nation to restore it, and Putin has come out of Russia to save her ground and both have the mindset to save the rest of the sovereign nations and restore a sense of civility to the crazy death and doom the new world order have mapped out. What more evidence does any need to see that two great men were sent to unite in a great effort to defend Christians on a global scale. If you fail to see who was sent, then you will fail to understand any of it. I see and I am siding with the wheat. Amen.

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