If being a conservative means having no borders, and allowing terrorists to infiltrate the USA, I don’t want to be one. If being a conservative means letting others bully and verbally trash you while you remain silent, I’m not in. If being conservative means being politically correct , then I don’t want to be conservative. If being conservative means giving up your faith so someone else’s faith can dominate you, I don’t want to be a conservative.

If being a conservative is allowing your government to change things like a slow boiling frog – I am seeing the results of that.  I am not for it.

The dictionary defines political conservatism as a right-of-center political philosophy based on a tendency to support gradual rather than abrupt change and to preserve the status quo.

How can you allow gradual change and still preserve the status quo?

Will someone define to me what being conservative really means. I need that clarified. I just may not be for it.

What is wrong with just being an American who wants what is right and just?

Dianne Marshall



  1. Katherine ONeill says:

    I love what you write, its the best ever! I’m so happy I found your site and I do all I can to get your words to everyone I can. Thank you! Katherine ONeill

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  2. Latastesharon@yahoo.com says:

    Vladimir Putin has said, “Donald Trump is a brilliant man” God is setting the stage to save wicked mad men from destroying the world. The demons are spinning in circles. Bumping into each other. They are frantically trying to come up with a plan to stop what is happening. They are confused, for everything they try only gains them strength and popularity……

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  3. phil fan says:

    Since there is only one political party in the US = The Uniparty of globalists the labels of left/right, conservative/leftist, these terms have become meaningless. Pro-American nationalists are in the center, the middle of the political landscape. Trump territory. Call them Patriots who support American interests, values and well being. We want what is best for America and Americans not big business, big government, special interests or international schemers.

    Call me a Patriot, an American first and last.

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    1. AMEN Phil Fan!! Please pardon my “aside” but I just got an email in my inbox that “looked like” the Breitbart “weekly news round-up” (Complete with the BB header) Punchline : It is a ted cruz fundraiser!!! Really? I mean, I know that one of his mega-donors, robert mercer owns the BB brand, but, really? Am I supposed to respect the “honesty”? Or is it just that they figure we are just so numb anymore, that we won’t notice? I told Dianne last week that I only have been going to BB for “fluff” anymore, but now? Even that’s over. It’s either here, or http://theconservativetreehouse.com/ Everyone else is (In Mr. Trump’s wise and brave words) a PUPPET!!! TRUMP 2016!! HE”S NOT FOR SALE!!!!

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      1. phil fan says:

        Love the Treehouse and happy to see a link over to here. Another DJT site. Yep also got an email from Cruz wanting donation. No way, I’m a Trumpeter all the way!

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  4. To me being a conservative means protecting our Constitution. It should be that we have limits on who comes to our country. How much government spends or taxes. How much you need to safeguard your health. Conservative has become a dream.

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