When a man comes forth and tells a people, ‘I am a God fearing Christian and God told me I was going to do great things for you’,  That man has a calling.

When a man comes forth and a people tell him – ‘You are an answer to my prayer, thank God he has sent you”, that man was chosen.

Those of good heart can feel the difference. Let the called serve the chosen.

Vote your heart! Mine says Trump for I am one of the people who have said, “You, Trump, are an answer to my prayer, thank God he has sent you.”

Dianne Marshall


11 thoughts on “TRUMP – CHOSEN

  1. Love and respect Mr. Trump! I hate to see people disrespect him, because all he wishes to do is help us and our country. God Bless Mr. Donald JTrump and may God continue to bless him and his family on his journey to the White House in Jesus name I pray Amen.

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  2. Terry,
    Not to be confused with political correctness, I think Mr. Trump is definitely smart enough to play his cards tighter to the vest than the other “candidates”, who seem so devoid of character, that they have to resort to revealing a majority of their phony “policies” and “strategies” (lies) to stay in the news cycle. Such is the behavior of the betas. Alpha male, Donald Trump, who EXUDES leadership, and engenders trust and loyalty,is not so required as to “spill the beans”. He’s a brilliant and shrewd negotiator. I think he is privately in regular contact with Mr. Netanyahu, and will eventually receive support (if even neutrality during the campaign), after he WINS!
    As volatile as the topic of Israel is these days, I hope he has already worked something out with them. Mr. Trump is already causing the “ditch and switch” phenomenon. (God bless you, Diamond and Silk!!) There are going to be a LOT of Democrats voting for him, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to see the DROVES of first time, crossover, and/or sometimes abstinent voters pour out of the political landscape to vote for him.. The “poll” results are no way near as favorable as my real-life “Joe-Six-Pack”, working class, informal “poll” has been.I MIGHT know three people who aren’t on the Trump Train, and I’m not through with them yet.


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