Rush Limbaugh gets it – this is an election and people debate – a debate is where people argue and prove their points. It gets heated and there is arguing. Like it or not it is what it is. Candidates get attacked. That is what happens in debates.

Since the GOP presidential race began, most of the vetting has been aimed at Trump. Daily, actually 24/7, Trump has been blasted from every angle the media, GOP and all their candidates could think of. During this “destroy the Trump campaign” frenzy, many of the other candidates have escaped the vetting process.

It is always interesting to watch the establishment blast away their torpedoes at Trump and kid glove the other string of candidates. To hear the vile name calling, the lies and the gotcha’s, along with the false sound bites aimed at Trump is normal now. Trump supporters are immune to it. However, what is interesting is that when the actual words and behavior of any other candidates are noted – their supporters all call foul, unfair and start vile name calling at the messenger.

They pull Saul Alinsky and have no idea they are doing it. This is what happens when lopsided establishment vetting begins and remains. When they get around to vetting the others – the supporters flip out.

Meanwhile, as a Trump supporter, I have become immune to the torpedoes and have learned to shout – incoming – brace yourselves.

Well, now it seems to be their turn. Let’s see how the others fair after their candidates get their turn in the fire. Here’s where the rubber meets the road.   Somehow I don’t see them getting immune any time soon. They seem to be far too sensitive for any real vetting process.

Dianne Marshall



  1. phil fan says:

    Cruz is a globalist, anti-nationalist posing as a “conservative” with a lot of MSM and uniparty support including Limbaugh and Levin. He’s been riding Donalds coat tails and now when the criticism from Donald hit him (for badmouthing Trump behind his back) they went into pure reaction mode. Yes we Trump supporters have been taking flack from everyone since the beginning and are a LOT tougher.

    The warmongers in the debate are a disgrace and will only continue the failed policies of Bush, Obama. Globalists all. Reject them all.

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  2. Dianne: Please look into statements of Jeb Bush many times pointing his finger during debates and stating sincerely how Trump will not be the Nominee so something is up that Bush has some guarantee in order to say that. It has been known for some time that the Bush family has ties to the Soros voting machines in addition it has been seen reported that Jeb has the skills to fix the machines to record votes for one party or person and that may be why he is remaining in the run? Now would be the time for supporters to find out on behalf of Trump. Another, why is Cruz still running ? I am under the impression, he is no longer eligible to run due to birthing issues along with Rubino? The GOP should not allow this to happen. Cruz is looking like he is pulling another big fraud against the American people if he is working to bring over the NWO to our country??


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