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Rush Limbaugh gets it – this is an election and people debate – a debate is where people argue and prove their points. It gets heated and there is arguing. Like it or not it is what it is. Candidates get attacked. That is what happens in debates.

Since the GOP presidential race began, most of the vetting has been aimed at Trump. Daily, actually 24/7, Trump has been blasted from every angle the media, GOP and all their candidates could think of. During this “destroy the Trump campaign” frenzy, many of the other candidates have escaped the vetting process.

It is always interesting to watch the establishment blast away their torpedoes at Trump and kid glove the other string of candidates. To hear the vile name calling, the lies and the gotcha’s, along with the false sound bites aimed at Trump is normal now. Trump supporters are immune to it. However, what is interesting is that when the actual words and behavior of any other candidates are noted – their supporters all call foul, unfair and start vile name calling at the messenger.

They pull Saul Alinsky and have no idea they are doing it. This is what happens when lopsided establishment vetting begins and remains. When they get around to vetting the others – the supporters flip out.

Meanwhile, as a Trump supporter, I have become immune to the torpedoes and have learned to shout – incoming – brace yourselves.

Well, now it seems to be their turn. Let’s see how the others fair after their candidates get their turn in the fire. Here’s where the rubber meets the road.   Somehow I don’t see them getting immune any time soon. They seem to be far too sensitive for any real vetting process.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Someone left a link to your site on another site — most likely The Conservative Treehouse — which is how I discovered you. It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow ‘vulgarian.’

    I expect the Left to rip into the Right’s people, and let’s be honest, too many R’s deserve it. But when the R’s ripped into Sarah Palin… That’s when I developed a deep loathing for the GOPe. Two days after the Twin Towers were attacked, Lucianne saw Bill Clinton on the news, comforting a lovely brunette, and she wrote in her Must Reads, “my loathing for him requires medication.” And that’s exactly how I feel about the GOPe, ever since ’08.

    There are a handful of Ldotters who posted EVERY. SINGLE. anti-Palin article they could find. They’d sit back and wait for the comments to mount, then they step in and post some of the most vile things about Palin and her entire family, including her baby son! They never commented on Palin’s positions on the issues, just ad hominem attacks. I referred to them as “The Usual Suspects,” and Lucianne, with whom I was on an e-mail basis, deleted my comment and banned me from commenting. I e-mailed her and apologized — it is her site after all — and vowed I’d behave myself, and she reinstated my posting privileges. Lucianne was overwhelmed during that election cycle. She told me the election couldn’t come soon enough.

    The same thing is happening over there with Trump, except the comments are not nearly as vile this time. This time the vileness lurks between the lines. I’m not totally immune, but I’m getting there.

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    1. Kitty Myers,
      Welcome! I have only been here for a couple of months, maybe. I used to be a news-site junkie. Since most (if not all) of the contemporary “conservative” websites have pretty much shown their donor’s stripes,I now limit my interwebz time to here, and (from where I came to here, also) The gope (lower case intended) has pretty much “disenfranchised” me to the point of ALMOST staying a registered Independent, (thereby disqualifying me from voting for Mr. Trump in the primary) and not changing my party affiliation to republican (again, lower case intended). That much I owe to Sundance. I’m sure that to Mr. Trump, I will owe my undying gratitude, for saving our country, and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Again, welcome, and God Bless you.

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  2. You’re welcome! To clarify… I did change my affiliation (back to) republican so I COULD vote for DJT in the primary. It was CTH that enlightened me as to just how important (winner take all) my State of Florida will be. After the election? Who knows? I’ll tell you this ; If Mr. Trump promotes a third (Reform? American?) party after EIGHT years of his successful presidency, I will be ALL IN! TRUMP 2016! HE’S NOT FOR SALE!!!

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