Now Go After The Rest Of Them!


To all who seem to think that publishing one satire piece will discredit all I do.  You are all going to be happy that I removed the piece.  For all who never opened the article to read it, you missed that it stated that it was satire.

Now, I ask every one who told me to take it down to do your due diligence and go to every site that has published the very same article.  There are hundreds on the internet.  Must be because of free speech or something?  But, it is definitely not politically correct.

The logic applied here is that if the Marshall Report removes the satire piece it will go away?  Well, I removed it….did it go away?

Dianne Marshall


12 thoughts on “Now Go After The Rest Of Them!

  1. WORD OF THE DAY : Trumpaphobe :
    noun trum pa phobe \’trum\pa\fob\
    : a person who hates or is afraid of incredibly wealthy, accomplished, and admirable Presidential candidates and their supporters, and lashes out reflexively, and uncontrollably
    Example ; “The Trumpaphobe was so unhinged, that he threw an object out of the window of his car, at me!”
    See also : “truthaphobe”

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    1. phil fan says:

      Ouch the truth must hurt. Sort of like putting a Cross in the face of a vampire. We are in a war to save this country and by golly those who have grown comfortable living off the ‘fat of the land’ are going to fight us.

      Soldier on!

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  2. She/la says:

    Dianne, So that’s why when I tried to watch The video it was removed. I will just watch it somewhere else. Why don’t people realize that now others will go to great lengths to watch it b/c there is something in it that those who support another candidate Do Not Want Those who haven’t made up there minds to see. I ask you people Do You Really want a president who is already trying to deceive the people?? Come on now we already had some of them kind and look where we are at. Remember: God uses what looks like foolishness to those in the world to confound the wise. Or should I say those who think there wise. AND … What God uses never comes in the package that looks like what you would imagine. That is why Jesus the one who came to save the world was rejected by those who (thought they were wise) he didn’t come as a king he came in a lowly manger. Good luck those who requested Dianne remove the video trying to censor Donald J. Trump campaign success. It didn’t work for those who killed Jesus and it won’t work for you either. God will get his message out, his man WII get eIected that you can just count on. Good Day….

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  3. She/la says:

    Oh, Now I see what has happened. You left a link for the recording. It is the message that had a cartoon pictures of Ted Cruz with his long nose that I can’t find. How silly of the persons! To react in such a way. Well to late I already forwarded to friends list which they already forwarded it. See I said God will get his message out. Wonder if Ted’s nose is growing for any particular reason? Too funny ! Could be I still missed the reason someone panicked? Who cares even I have joked about Trumps hair. Oh Gosh, could it not be the long cartoon character nose?? Could it be the truth of the article? Oh me, oh my , truth does hurt and panic folks!!

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    1. I love your sense of humor. People are so sensitive. No one seems to flow with the punches like Trump supporters. We have been through the fire and when he media lies we just say – brace yourself. We don’t tell people they are (&^%*)___&^%$$ . What on earth does that accomplish?

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  4. Jusint Case says:

    Going after the rest of them isn’t an option. There are simply too many of these so called satire sites spreading misinformation and diluting fact. By using this on your site, you have now joined my ‘ignore’ list. When I see a link from a satire site, I ignore it and let the poster know. You can’t be taken seriously posting garbage. The marshallreport is now simply one more to ignore. Not a very sound tactic for pushing a political agenda.


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