Lately, Lyndsay Graham has been sounding like an angry, vicious Harpy.   So much so, that I doubt he will ever get re-elected.  With each word out of his mouth, the people of South Carolina and all of America hear a weak, vile, pathetic smear against the republican front runner Donald J. Trump.

It is sickening to listen to this political bend over, do anything for donor money viper. As a senator his actions, more often than not, mimic a  raving dunce. He is often seen dangling his drool dripping tongue, frantically panting yes, yes, yes to those who control him.

With each foul word he hiss’s against Trump, he hisses the same against those who support him.  He is too stupid to understand that by condemning Trump and saying derogatory statements like, “only idiots would vote for Trump”, he condemns every Trump supporter.  I have had enough of listening to this “0” percent pretend candidate trying to act like he has a brain in his head.  (In my book “0” percent is not a candidate, it is a joke).

Lindsey has the idiocy to call Trump a loser in the attack ad below….it would be funny if he wasn’t so vile in the way he said it.

Graham misquotes Trump and takes his words out of context.  Mr. Graham, how in the world does wanting to protect America undercut the war effort?  Or are you saying you know the war effort is designed to flood the US with radical Islamist?  You just told on yourself.  You need to educate yourself on what the heck is happening.  Listen to Trump and learn what is going on right here in America.  Graham you are vile and do not deserve to call yourself American.

Listen to Trump’s video and hear what he really said and why he said it.

Dianne Marshall



  1. DeAnna says:

    Graham really is the vile one! So tired of hearing the establishments rhetoric! First of all… the constitution protecting religious freedoms and rights are FOR THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. How absurd to use our constitution to protect those that are a direct enemy against it! Secondly… Islam does NOT separate church from state so this is NOT a religion but a REGIME! A MILITARY REGIME THAT HAS DECLARED WAR ON ALL COUNTRIES OF THE FREE WORLD AND THEIR CITIZENS!
    ALL CITIZENS must abide by the SAME LAWS! (with the exception of tax breaks due to religion.) Sharia Law should NOT be accepted OR practiced ANY WHERE IN THE FREE WORLD.

    And then there is all of the genocide and persecution of the Christians… and the vile people such as Graham and the like… not one word or effort to help them!

    Want to say “Thank you” Dianne Marshall for all of your great efforts in getting the TRUTH out there! And THANK YOU DONALD J. TRUMP for all you are doing and will do for our great country!


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