“So are we supposed to say, welcome terrorist and please enjoy all of our rights while you kill us?” 
According to the news spin, this was the bias that the entire establishment was spinning against Donald J. Trump.  They took his original statement and left off the words “until they can figure out what is going on…”  It was a temporary precaution so the government could figure out how to figure out who was who and avoid the chaos that has stormed Europe.
As Trump has pointed out, this is not about the constitution.  These are people that are not even here yet.  This is not about religion, this is about terrorists who want to kill us. See Trumps announcement in link-

Meanwhile….what the media is not telling you is that 70 percent of the so called refugees flooding into Europe are able bodied men and not refugees at all.  12 percent are women, and 15 percent are children.  The vetting process is a joke.

Watch this report:



  1. Sandra Greer says:

    I agree you totally. I don’t even listen to him. Trump is on my list of votes. I will also go through & pick out the ones that that are in office in other areas. They will not get my vote. They have not helped our country either so they are just as much a traitor as obama. So the whole government system needs a good house cleaning.

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