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Will someone tell Ryan that Islam is not a religion it is a governing body of extreme law with mandates to kill the infidel which are all those who do not practice it. Sharia law is not a religion. It is a cruel, barbaric and torturous rule of law that should be banned and is banned in the USA.

We truly do have idiots in the government.  Trump is right on that one.

Ryan needs to shut up and look up what the heck Sharia law is.  He then needs to step down as his remarks are treasonous.  So is Obama’s remarks.  Treason is screaming out and these liars and idiots are demanding Americans to shut up and eat it or else.  Well, thank God we have Trump standing up and saying – I will not allow those that hate us and want to kill us to use our constitution and hide behind it like a mothers skirt in order to kill us on our own soil!

Dianne Marshall



    1. Ann,
      I think our “leaders” know EXACTLY what sharia law is. Or at least the paralytic, destructive effect it will have/has had, on our society.They are submitting us to dhimmitude at best, TOTAL submission (decapitation) at worst


  1. Gerry Nance says:

    Shariah Law, as commanded in the Quran by Muhammad, creates a theocracy called Islam. The US Constitution creates a democratic republic. No theocracy can coexist within a republic without conflict. The goal of Islam is conquest. Islam is not a religion and Congress can make laws about it.

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  2. This passive aggressive crap from the gope is really getting tiresome. If they get much more vindictive and bigoted towards Conservative Christians, it will be a toss up as to just WHO we should let our defenses down to. I mean, would you let paul ryan walk behind you while holding a sword or gun? And what’s with the newly grown beard? (better not “make fun of it”, as I have heard it can throw them into a homicidal rage) Does he think he can hide from the head choppers behind it? Watch for him to start using the term “isil” soon.Have we heard a WORD from him about the mere fraction of a percent of the Syrian “refugees” who are CHRISTIAN? Those scumbags in Versailles know something ominous that they aren’t telling the American public.If you haven’t yet, buy heirloom vegetable seeds, invest in an independent potable water source, and “metals” (silver and lead) I pray Mr. Trump even gets a chance to save our once great country. But part of me just wants to “get it on, and get it over with” Punch line from a joke I heard recently. “We haven’t played Cowboys and muslims,.. yet”
    P.S. The Constitution ONLY applies to U.S. CITIZENS!!! “immigration treaties” with the u.n. are NOT U.S. law, and should be yet many more reasons for the U.S. out of the u.n., and the u.n. OUT of the U.S.!!


  3. I thought Paul Ryan was on the conservative side; but the more I hear of him, the more I realize that he is on the left side. He is listening to those who utter propanda contrary to conservative beliefs and principles. Sharia Law is nothing more than Islamic terror at its worst. It has very little to do with the Muslim faith. We must pray for our country and for its leaders; that they will conform to the will of God.

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  4. While Sharia Law is not a religion, Islam is a combined religious/political system, a theocracy, headed by an evil and corrupt false god. There is an unfortunate trend that believes you can address and combat political Islam alone, and that the religion of Islam is not a factor.This is a seriously misguided and dangerous approach to take.

    The religion and politics of Islam are joined at the hip, inseperable. Understand that yes, Islam IS a religion, and yes, it is a corrupt political system as well. Nothing less is true, and an approach to combat it that only addresses one aspect of it will be doomed to failure.


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