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The New Yorker Magazine has now called Trump supporters “neo Nazi white supremists” .  Guess they are now on the terrorist watch list.  Let the Islamic extremists have full reign of terror and place patriotic Americans on a no fly – terrorist watch list. This seems to be the norm in Washington.  But, then again….they have been getting away with trashing our constitution and using it as a weapon for foreigners for a long, long time.  Why would we think anything would change now?

The narrative is very ridiculous, I mean tell that to Diamond and Silk- two of the most visible and loudest Trump Supporters in America.  Call them neo Nazi white supremists and  they will laugh in your face.

What has the Media stooped to?  Or what have they stepped in?  Whatever it is, it sure does stink. I say it’s time to ban the New Yorker.

Dianne Marshall



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  2. joe says:

    So just after Eagles of Death Metal alleged that Paris attack was an Inside Job, the cops in Belgium have a gun fight with Paris ‘mastermind’ or his minions. How timely! Just to ensure you ignore the INSIDE JOB allegations from the man whose band member died in the attack.
    Not to mention that the Bataclan owners (who owned it for over 40 years) conveniently sold it weeks before the attack…….funny that!…….Just like Larry Silverstein bought the wtc complex months before and insured it to specifically cover attacks using pl anes……………Oh and they were Jewish ( Anglo German Jews) in case people didn’t know.

    Available also…is THE Irish writer Gearoid O’Coleman, who gives his views on the situation in Paris, as being false flag propaganda involving a “White , cleanly shaven male shooter.”

    If that were not enough, a video:
    Juan Hernandez about the 3 athletic white shooters in the San Bernardino shooting

    Then if you Google images: SAN BERNADINO CRAFT, you can see the white mercenaries running to hide.

    So…when you wake up dead…you know who to blame. Unless you love lies..then blame some innocent person, and have the patsy take the fall. I feel so sorry for the people these white terrorists have murdered so far…it never ends with these cowards…Just look at NSA headquarters..two SS lightning bolts. Need one say more as to who is destroying this world? And they are here also..hiding behind the net..posting disinfo to influence public opinion.


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