Potus Avoids The Word ISIS


The Potus has spoken with seething in his speech and an eerie look on his face.  He called the Christmas party a holiday party.  He must have Christma-phobia. He is now calling his moderate Muslims by a new name.  They are now Iraqi and Syrian forces on the ground and he just assured us all that he will continue to train them.

“No one on a no fly list should be able to buy a gun,” he said.  That sounds reasonable, until you look at who they might add to the no fly list…perhaps Christians and Patriots? That would pose a problem.

Obama said, people who come here without a visa he is going to take a hard look at?  What does he mean by “a hard look”? I say no one should be allowed to come here without proper papers and back ground checks.  Isn’t that the current law?  Because he does not  follow the law, and has paper and penned his own rules, he has created a massive problem.  He should be impeached for his treasonous acts.  It’s quite simple Obama,  follow the original laws on the books. No one enters without proper papers and a back ground check period.

Obama got around to his gun law speech, demanding no big guns. I say, big guns are okay.  We may all need them to defend  ourselves against his brotherhood and what they seem to find a way to purchase or somehow obtain?   Meanwhile, keep an eye on a few farmer’s fields and border regions just in case they drop a few cases out there for friends crossing the border.

Somewhere in all the bla bla,  Obama insisted he is going to continue fighting terrorism in the middle east in the same manner he has in the past.  No changes.

He reminded everyone that  ISIL does not speak for Islam he stated only a small amount of them are the evil ones.  Yet, we have a mega full blown war fighting millions of these small numbers he calls ISIS?? Does he realize how wrong he sounds?  He is not using the term ISIS tonight.  I wonder why?  Instead he uses the term “ISIL” in an effort to confuse the average American as to who he is talking about.

As he winces his eyes and bla, bla, bla’s the teleprompter script, it all sounds backwards.  Then he gets one thing right, freedom is more powerful than fear and he is about to see just how that works here in America.

In closing, do you understand what he said?  Do you trust it?  For us to accept the challenge congress has to start gun laws against those without visas and take ours away?  Obama states that terrorist victims around the world are Muslim, and says nothing about the mass killing of  Christians or the radical Islamic beheadings.

Dianne Marshall

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6 thoughts on “Potus Avoids The Word ISIS

    1. Winky,
      This may sound too simple, but to me, the use of “isil” puts my ears up, and back. Is it coincidence that those who use “isil” seem to be the nwo types? Will it boil down to what the term “isil” is? How clintonesque.


  1. Frank O'Pinion says:

    Nothing has changed from Obama’s purple lips since he infiltrated the U.S. government. The enemy is within. His muslime troops are at the gates. Time to impeach this muslime-in-chief or have the military to grow a set and stop the treason.

    B. HUSSEIN Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the citizens of the U.S.A. by all 535+ Cowards in the Congress, by all nine Traitors in the U.S. Supreme Court, by all of the Brain-dead democratic and White-guilt republican voters, and by all of the Communists in the Lame-stream Media.

    Obama is a putative usurping POtuS and undocumented alien occupying the White House of Sodomy.

    Every time Obama opens his mouth, taqiyya-dribble rolls off of his tongue.


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    1. Frank,
      Let’s rewind back to 2006/2007. mr. soetoro, and his handlers were treated to the UNTHINKABLE first, and most egregious chilling of American free speech (and the first sign of probable dhimmitude). As so seemingly effective as “flipping a switch” the ENTIRE United States (nay the WORLD!) was cowed into accepting the claim that mr. barack HUSSEIN obama’s? soetoro’s? middle name was not to be used. WHAT???!!! IT’S HIS NAME, ISN’T IT? How cynically insidious this deception (taqiyya?) really was/is? To not only “capitalize” (ironic term, heh?) on our country’s essential good nature to all, to a degree that even generations after the “unpleasant” period in our history, a certain segment of our population is STILL willing to concede “reparations” i.e. affirmative action.Imagine if WE had stood up to that mihlarkey back then, what things MAY be like now? If there was any doubt as to how intimidated we WERE of the fascist race (theocracy?) hustlers and their slurs, letting them back us down at that time convinced them of just how deeply asleep we were.
      Thank God for the TRUMP ALARM !!!! I get around (internationally and domestically) and 90% of the people I meet support Mr. Donald J. Trump. I feel he, and God, are the only anti-venom that can cure the sickness that has overtaken OUR shining city on the hill. May God bless and protect him and The United States of America.


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