Putin – Done With NWO And Christian Persecution!


“Oh, you are asking how a person like me can destroy a diabolical plan, right?” stated Putin, “Simple: morality, practical reason, and ultimate truth.  How do you explain the fact that NWO agents will not debate me on these issues?  It is because they, like their father, have no truth in them.”

And just what father is Putin referring too?  Could it be the same one the Lord accused to be that of the Pharisees?  I would guess so, especially in view of this being Putin’s “operation Salvation” to stop the evil persecution and killing of Christians world wide.  Putin was asked by the Russian Orthodox Church to defend Christians and stop the horrendous  persecutions and killings.  He accepted the mission.  I say, thank you Vladimir Putin, especially in light of the fact that the new world order has set up refugee Trojan horses and shipping jihadists to all the nations.

As one writer put it,

“The establishment elite’s game is over.  Putin is flexing his muscle against ISIS/ISIL aggression and ridding the strongholds Obama has created in the Syrian area.  Meanwhile the western media continues to tell the people Russia is the enemy.  Yet, the western world is sponsoring the terrorism that is killing Christians in an Islamic ethnic cleansing.”

Putin has offered to discuss the so-called “moderate” rebels with Washington many times and the White House refuses to have any discussions.  It doesn’t look like Obama wants to solve the problem, and it doesn’t look like he wants to discuss his motives and or justification for “moderate” Islamists.

It is looking more and more like Putin is a big  problem, but not for a free world that desires to respect a nations sovereignty. It is a problem for those who have spent decades of preparation and planning to bring about a new world order. A world controlled by the same puppet masters that are presently controlling Washington and other nation heads.  These are the very ones that feed the MSM propaganda machine and give the orders that must be carried out or else.  Putin is weakening their strides and exposing their master plans.

This is just beginning, and Putin is not shy about his intentions. Vladimir openly stated,  “It is morally incumbent upon Russia to change this terrible status quo in the Middle-East. Prepare for operation ‘Salvation’ and with God almighty’s aid, we shall cleanse Syria from Obama’s ruthless terrorists.”

I, for one, am glad that Putin isn’t waiting for an election before he acts.  He has shown great leadership, in protecting his nation, mother Russia, and in so doing has weakened the hold of the lawlessness taking place in the middle east.  What will it take for our elected officials to stand up and take responsible action to uphold the constitution and protect the people of the United States?  Sadly they always seem to postpone until another election, which there is always one to come.  Is anyone else tired of the political games of the puppets and their puppet masters?  If so, expose them as boldly as Putin is doing.

Dianne Marshall

Read More at:  http://www.goforwardtogether.com/2015/12/06/why-is-the-whole-world-lining-up-behind-vladimir-putin/



10 thoughts on “Putin – Done With NWO And Christian Persecution!

  1. Could this be why our country is denying CHRISTIAN refugees? Perhaps they would be compelled to inform us of the REALITY of Assad’s Syria? On a side note : I think it might be interesting to compare video pertaining to Assad’s “genocide”, and Saddam Hussein’s “genocide”. Might they be pulled from the same “folder” of stock footage? it wouldn’t surprise me at all. It took my skepticism of Assad’s overthrow, to see the possibility of fraudulent convenience (treasonous?) in regards to Mubarek, Khaddafi, Hussein, etc…. It sounds simplistic, but I see a yardstick as.. “Do the women have to cover their heads in the country in question?”


    1. P.S. I also think that is why he won’t send “boots on the ground” en masse. As his lie about alleged “genocide” would crumble when challenged by THOUSANDS of U.S. troops.Talk about a perfect cover. He has convinced most of the U.S. public that he loathes “colonialism” therefore WON’T commit troops of any significant number, yet brags about the “unprecedented” number of drone strikes, which have far fewer witnesses.And the “kids” are doing little more than playing a “video” game! Diabolical.I just want to see him eat a pork chop.


    2. Julie says:

      To keep informed please see Cheriberens.net or find her on FB. She is one of the true voices in what is happening in Syria and Egypt! She , an American who lives in Egypt is a voice we can all trust!


  2. You know sometimes its hard to understand why our president would throw us American citizens out like trash and bring in evil people and protect them over us. One thing I do believe is is that Donald Trump has a calling on him that is gone hand a big job to do beginning the first day, if that first day comes. I also Believe that all the chaos going on in our world right now has had a lot to do with Obama’s suppose to be leadership. he has led us alright , straight to the pit of death, .It is really strange but great that President Putin cares more for us than our own leader. I don’t understand that. But I have a peaceful feeling that when Donald Trump gets Elected our country is going to turn around for the good. I Just Pray God will Have mercy on America and Bless America again. Just Remember in Gods Holy Bible He said. that A nation that turns against God, will be turned into HELL. If you want to change the direction then turn from your wicked sin sick self , Turn to Him and He will help us.

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  3. Farleyagain says:

    eHaving visited the “Rabbit Hole” and realizing that rabbit proof fence may be impossible, I wonder if Obama’s reluctance to actually fight ISIS (Muslim Brotherhood) and instead to funnel Saudi money to it, to ignore Turkey’s purchases of stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil from ISIS, and his previous “I can be more flexible after the election” statement to the Russian ambassador are all part of Plan B: the plan the elites use when they can’t implement Plan A – a one world government with them at the top. Plan B could be to reinstate the cold war with Russia or to instigate WWIII via Syria. Either way, elite money and power grow while they wait for the opportune moment. To install the one world government, they have to disarm the populace and that’s not likely in this climate (pun intended) at least in the USA. So my advice: buy ammo stocks. Meanwhile, Qatar (Mustlim Brotherhood) and Exxon wait for access for their gas pipeline through Syria to Europe.

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    1. I wish I had read your post when you wrote it. The stocks of firearms related companies is growing more “valuable” by the moment. Fortunately for me I got out of “the market” with my shirt, and a tidy sum. It’s just too volatile for my tastes anymore. Also fortunately for the remaining risk takers, I am on the other side of that transaction, investing in lead.


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