Trump Has The Vote, Love and The Heart of The People!


Winning the vote of a people is one thing, but winning the heart of the people is extraordinary. With the heart comes passion, commitment, trust, and love. When the heart is kindled, a fire is lit deep inside to do what it takes to protect and defend the one you love.

The love Trump says he feels at each rally is very real and it is truly mutual. Trump has given the people his heart, his passion, his commitment, his desire to help them make America great again. A great fire flames inside his very being to do what ever it takes to protect and defend the people of America.   He is a man that can be trusted to do exactly what he says he will do. If he will not do a thing, he will never commit to it. When he is wrong, he will apologize and change course, when he is right he will stand fast and hold firm. Therein lies the man Donald John Trump.  This is what has made Trump a business success and a political phenomenon.

I believe he has been chosen to rise up at this time of world peril. Not only for the sake of America, but for the sake of humanity itself.

Yesterday at the Trump Rally in Manassas, Virginia, Trump was shining like a candle for all of America.

It was deeply moving to watch as Trump answered a child’s question, “You’re going to build the wall. What’s it going to be made out of?” To see him touched by the question from the young boy and bring him to the microphone to repeat it so all could hear was very telling as to the admiration Trump has for all.

To hear a young designer speak that she wants to see “Made in America” tags on clothing again, was equally as moving. He had her come up to speak as well. But, the greatest impact was when a black pastor asked a question regarding Black Lives Matter.  He said that he was from Philadelphia and over 3,000 blacks had been killed by blacks in a matter of years and asked where was Black Lives Matter then? He asked Trump if he would come to Philadelphia and speak to the people there on what he would do to help solve this problem. Trump said, “I will.”

Time will tell what is to take place. I know whatever it is, it will be in step with God’s will.

Dianne Marshall


4 thoughts on “Trump Has The Vote, Love and The Heart of The People!

  1. davidspuria says:

    To bring the black designer up there was genius. Since the cameras never pan the audience. It shows that people of all walks of life are attending these rallies.

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  2. Dear Trump;
    I hope you are not just “too good to be true”. Can you be our new hopey changey?
    With current events taking place, every day is a little more convincing, the liberal party hates Christians and Jews and wants us DEAD!
    Obama may pretend to care about “Whites” who bow to his communist ways, but everyone knows, that he hates Christians and Jews. If he cared about them, he would stop the genocide, his monster Muslims are forcing upon the world.
    What is not being said: George Soros, the big time trillionaire (who was friends with, and worked with Adolph Hitler, ) is pulling Obama strings, and wants an American Holocaust, the murder of more Jews and Christians than ever known by mankind. Soros is helping finance the guns and ammo, for Obama’s monsters, the Islamic Terrorists. Call them Daesh, alquada, ISIS, but they are still Islamic Terrorists. As everyone who knows history.. knows, this is not Soro’s first rodeo. He helped Hitler and assisted with the death of some 6 million Jews. ( ) It doesn’t matter how these racist liberals and their millionaire friend protest, they are evil and they are murderers. And I am sure that I am on their death list. Obama wants to take our guns, so his “Refugees” can kill us more easily, which is the same way Adolph Hitler did it. Americans need to get back on their knees, and get back to God, before it’s too late. Because these protesters of racism and hate, are the ones that is doing most of the hate and racism.


  3. TRUMP is the TRUE LEADER!!! We have been so bullied and beaten these last 12 years or more so finally we are blessed with a man that is HONEST, INTELLIGENT, AND ON AND ON. The rest of the candidates are flawed and not qualified to lead us. We need TRUMP!!!


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