If It Takes Thousands of Officers and Swat Teams To Apprehend 3 Terrorists, and They Still Get Away – We are all dead.

San Bernandino shooting brings out over 400 state and local police vehicles that line the roads all around.  There are numerous sets of swat teams to the rescue  and yet, even though the place is surrounded (did you see the arial view it’s a very large area) the gunman gets away.  Yes. He took off in a dark SUV with tinted windows and no one knows where he went and or anything about him.  The story goes, three terrorists or work place violence angry men, go inside and start shooting innocent people celebrating their Christmas party. It is said it was a facility for disabled people. Can you believe it?  Shepherd Smith had it right, he said, “This is unbelievable.”

And it is.  Anyone who is really looking at this and thinking this is real, you are in greater peril than you think.  There is no way that any of us are safe.  How many police will it take to apprehend even one?  They (meaning all three) got away.

In the age of cell phones, and NSA surveillance with street cameras everywhere, why is it that there are no video’s or pictures by anyone who was there on the internet?  And where are the shooters? How do they know they got away if no one saw them at all?

Just saying, do not call me crazy, and please don’t shoot the messenger.  Just showing you how to see what I see.  Hear what I hear.  Do a little critical thinking and ask a few questions.  If there are answers, I welcome them.

Meanwhile, if this is all true….if this is what we can expect in the manner of protection and rescue, we are truly on our own.  There is no one who can protect us at all.  If thousands of trained officers can not stop or catch 3 gunmen.  We all need to load and carry 24/7.  That is the only way to remain protected.

Dianne Marshall


2 thoughts on “If It Takes Thousands of Officers and Swat Teams To Apprehend 3 Terrorists, and They Still Get Away – We are all dead.

  1. Jenny says:

    We know we are in trouble. That is why Trump is so high in the polls. We need a leader who doesn’t sugar coat, and can be trusted to act on our behalf! Political correctness is why the legal authorities acted so stupid yesterday. We should all be on 24/7 muslim watch in this country, and not let the White House POS bring in any more!!

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  2. Dianne,
    First, about the 24/7 carry. The only time mine and I are not strapping, is in the shower. (45 minute response time for 911) We consider it not only a civil and human right, to maintain the means by which to defend innocent life, but a social OBLIGATION to do so.
    Second, while it seems to be more and more undeniable that “our media” is not only negligent, but complicit in the deception of the general public (a similar crisis “exercise” coincidentally taking place in the San Bernardino area, pretty much simultaneous to the attack…..TREND?), do you think it possible to stage a psy-op of this scale? I imagine you’re with me that I DON’T want to believe it is possible, yet what will they NOT do to bring about either dhimmitude, or complete “submission” (BTW the literal translation of the word, islam)?
    I will not only NOT submit, but will resist with every ounce of strength I can muster. If some group of 7th century goat herding, baby marrying (and molesting) nihilistic, lead-deficient knuckle-draggers presents themselves to me, or any of my associates, I will assure you that we will dispense, with dispatch, the lead supplements they apparently crave with suicidal enthusiasm.
    I’ll leave you with a few traditional axioms, and some augmented examples, as well
    1) “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.
    2) “I carry a gun because a cop is to heavy”.
    3) An (legally) armed person is a CITIZEN, an unarmed person is a FOOL, and a DIS-armed person is a SUBJECT!!
    4) TRUMP/PUTIN 2016!!!!


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