Trump Supporters -What Would You Feel Like Right Now, If Trump Wasn’t Running?

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Serious question and one that you need to think about. I would have no hope at all for America and would be looking at which state I could hide the most effectively in.  The writing is on the wall.

I know that we are in the last days, and I am aware that our complacency has gotten us into this mess.  I am also aware that God chastises his people and sometimes it takes a good wallop to get our attention.  I am also aware that he has gotten the attention of many a wayward folk.

It was just when I saw no way out, and when I saw the final writing on the wall for America and the new land of lawlessness, Trump announced his candidacy.  I instantly knew he was sent, for every issue he was addressing was one of my concern.  It was all anti-establishment NWO. When he said that day, “I know their agenda and it is not mine.”  It was like anti-NWO code – I knew what he meant.  I said – “YES!”

Since that day, I have researched and prodded around in his past for I wanted to be sure he was the real deal.  I have found nothing but sound, honest business man who has had to deal with the vultures and always soared like an eagle in the end. I don’t care about his personal life and what went wrong here or there in his marriages.  The proof of the man is in his kids and ex wives and their admiration for the man, even after divorce.

That being said, America needs a God fearing leader  who walks the walk – not a pastor.  America needs a strong person who has battled Goliaths. I believe that man is Trump.  I know it, for without Donald Jon Trump on the side of what is right for a God fearing America, I would feel no hope and that is that.  I know God has a plan, and the plan is for his people to rise up a great and powerful army and stand up against the enemy.  And God is not limited to his people just in one spot, they are world wide.  God is also sending others to stand.  I see that in Putin.  He has given renewed hope in doing just that.  The tide is turning and it will be full of rage.  But, in the end…remember God’s people win and Babylon the Great falls.  The great merchants of the earth who by their sorcery were all the nations deceived weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise anymore.

My Lord comes to the rescue and things change for the good of his people. It is written that everything the evil ones thought to do to God’s people come back on their own heads double.  I didn’t write it, I just read it and that is what it says and I will stand by it being true.  So hang on….we are the Lord’s battle ax in this tumultuous  time.  Trump has been sent, if you will have him.  I am on board with new found energy and hope for all who were crying out for help!  I don’t know for certain how it will play out, but I do know for sure how it will end.

Dianne Marshall


12 thoughts on “Trump Supporters -What Would You Feel Like Right Now, If Trump Wasn’t Running?

  1. Kim Smith says:

    Beautifully said. and absolutely truthful. I too believe God had sent us Donald J. Trump. At this time in history, he is the man that we all need. He will carry this country back to being a God fearing, God loving country. I do not care what the liberals say, WE ARE A NATION THAT WAS FOUNDED UNDER GOD. It frightens me that the Spear of Destiny might now be in the hands of the muslims. Fron Charlemaine to Hitler, every army that carried it, was undefeatable, until Hitler. Even though he has the Spear of Destiny, we won the day because all of our soldiers believed in the might of God. They were the soldiers of God, bringing Christianity back to Germany. Never in America’s history have we needed to all turn back to God as we do right now. God is undefeatable. I believe God has sent Trump as a soldier in his name. He is the smartest man to ever apply for the job.
    I fear at times that we Americans no longer value success. I hope I am wrong. This man oozes success. On any given day, by the time we are sitting down to breakfast, Trump has accomplished more than some of us will in an entire year. Every business he has ever run has been a success. When the economy failed, he has a choice, he could have done what carly did and laid off thousands of workers or he could use our laws and file for business bankruptcy, which he did. No one lost. The big businesses then were able to write off their losses at tax time. Everyone won.
    500 businesses in 4 Continents. he understands everything about being a president. Our political class is full of people who have never held jobs outside of politics, except for the college jobs of busing tables, they have never worked. Yet these are the people who claim are smarter than Trump. They are also all traitors to our country. They have all allowed Obama to ruin this country, he could not have accomplished all that he has done without the help of congress supporting and protecting him.
    I pray that we all vote for trump. If anyone truly fears for our future, if you truly understand how close we are to destruction, you will vote for this man.


  2. Carl Pope says:

    I love Mr. Trump and believe he is the last real hope for America and our people. Please everyone pray God will keep him safe and use him to restore America!


  3. Just when I want to be eloquent, I’m not. Mr. Trump is Heaven Sent. He knows We Care about USA just like he does. We will be there, voting for him in the Primary and again in Nov 2016. He promised us he would stay. I think some of the other nominees may have made a deal. Trump Will Not.
    Am worried the RNC does not want him. They better Get Real. Trump is Their Only Hope too!
    Every time we watch him on UTube/Tv, we Smile, cause He is the Real Deal and We are Lucky He believes like we do. Oh, and we are Glad he has been successful. I think maybe that’s why others Do Not Like him..He cant be Bought. God Bless Donald J. Trump.


  4. Sharon and Mike Sauer says:

    We need strength, honest, someone who doesnt bow down to people who are in our goverment for themselves and not for this country or the people in it. So far only one man is standing out from all of them..TRUMP!


  5. Steven giammNchere I says:

    I believe trump is our last hope for freedom and Christianity Trump will defeat all..even those whom oppose him.ibelieve he might of been sent by god to protect christians,and belief in our belief in god , trump will defeat the evil tirants whom are trying to come and.destroy us and remove all beliefs in god and gods word,Tump is our hope for justice.




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