Take Back America!


If you are sick of the lies, you are not alone. The media and establishment campaigns have deepened their endless lie campaign against Trump. The one candidate that tells the truth.  The GOP want to place their puppet and the people are tired of watching America ripped apart from within and without.  The clarion call has sounded and Trump Supporters are being called onto the battlefield against the evil lies and fraud!

Stand firm.  The establishment is going crazy with Trump shouting out the truth all day long.  The people know that the Trojan horse Islamic refugee purge is planned to mimic the box office hit –  “Hunger Games”!  The good people will not have it and Ryan appears to be in bed with Obama to force it on America.

Lies are set forth….and they aren’t even very good ones. Expose every one of these evil doers who contribute to America’s downfall.  Meanwhile, keep demanding to remove the traitor who is committing treasonous acts against the American people and the world at large.

Dianne Marshall


3 thoughts on “Take Back America!

  1. K says:

    Yes! STAND FIRM!
    But do all you can to smooth the way!
    >Keep pressure on your representatives about the refugees: if you drop it they will! Keep calling writing emailing!
    (If you think your governor made his anti-refugees statement out of his own convictions…you are wrong! Many people called, wrote emailed these governors to force those statements!)
    >Keep up with the news about what the government is doing! Yes, it’s holiday time but: Do you want this to be one of the last we will ever have? Don’t be too busy to keep going with your activism.
    >Go and register to vote in the presidential primary in your state! Keep up with their changes of rules!
    >The people you will see around the holiday table need to hear your views! Talk it over. Freedom of speech is a thing we are Thankful for! Tell them how important primary voting is this year!


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