NWO Capital of The World- It’s Real Folks!

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These are the days of Noah. The days foretold in Bible prophecy where the “Beast” which I see as the U.N. NWO system controlled by the great merchants of the earth, dictate their tyranny over all humanity .

The illuminati mills say the plans of these great merchants is to destroy the old world, literally blow it up, while the new utopia they have planned for themselves will emerge as a phoenix out of the ashes.

Sadly, the new world order does not have room for the present population to live in their utopia of peace, so most of the masses will have to be disposed of. Bill Clinton said the ideal number for the planet was around 500 million people, so around 6.5 billion will have to be depopulated.

All who are moving to usher in this new utopia believe they are chosen to survive. In reality, they are disposable pawns and puppets and few will enter into the gates they believe are waiting for them.Astana-Kazakhsta

Presently the puppet masters are building capitals and wondrous cities that few are aware of. Meanwhile they are preparing to destroy the world as we know it with their final war which they plan to be fought between the western world and the radical Muslims. Which we are all watching unfold right before our eyes.

One of the capitals of this new world order is Astana, Khazakhstan a vision of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan. Astana was built from scratch in a remote and deserted area and what has emerged is a futuristic occult symbolled capital honoring Sun Worship. Astana shouts of New World Order for the 21st century complete with a Palace of Peace for their one world religion.astana images20EFDPXO

The Palace of Peace is a giant pyramid designed by Britain’s most prolific architect, Lord Norman Foster. The building is dedicated to “the renunciation of violence” and “to bring together the world’s religions”. Norman Foster has said that the building has no recognizable religious symbols to permit the harmonious reunification of confessions. astana pyramid of peace images7DCWXNFFThose who are a part of the United Nations Invocation to bring Lucifer out into the light have said this is where the world Messiah will reside when he appears. So, they are awaiting a one world religious Messiah to go with their one world order. Read More Here: http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-astana-khazakhstan/

Those who have aligned to bring about the vision of New World Order are hard at work building, and now the Trojan horses of Islamic extremist refugees have been transported world wide to start the ultimate Jihad. So will these evil puppet masters get their desired results or will the mass of humanity rise up and stop their evil plans?astana-kazakhstan-architecture-view-1

Each must decide who they believe will win in the end. Will it be God and his prophecy? Or will it be man and his? I look for God to be the winner in the truth in how it all ends. For all of what we are witnessing has been foretold in prophecy. The grand finale’ is about to unfold just as planned for the Bible tells us that the kings of the earth give their crowns to the Beast for one hour but receive no kingdom yet, and then it goes on to tell us that they will be angry at the beast and hate her and burn her with fire. Are the kings starting to take their crowns back? Putin took his crown back a few years ago, he wants no part of it. The masses of humanity want no part of it. If Trump is elected, he will have no part of it. Is France truly done with it or are they playing along to try and stir things up to topple Assad? It is all smoke and mirrors. Be awake and look at all things.

Dianne Marshall




5 thoughts on “NWO Capital of The World- It’s Real Folks!

  1. Mike Lynn says:

    You’ve used Astana as an example of the NWO taking root.

    I was in Astana about 6 years ago. As I can discern from my friends who continue to be in KZ., Astana has really not changed very much – it’s all a sham. This region of modern Kazakhstan was an old Kazakh stronghold in days gone by and it belonged to the people of the steppe – a vast wasteland populated by nomads who moved with the seasons and an element of the old Silk Route where trading happened. And along came Soviet times and then Post-Soviet times. Post-Soviet times are riff with the daring-do of Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev. He was a Communist who made a marvelous transformation to a capitalist after the fall of the Soviet Union. Trade ties with Russia dictated that he continue to pay lip service to Mr. Putin but his has not deterred him from his quest to become a very wealthy man taking his immediate family (klan) along with him.

    But Nazarbayev’s big claim to fame was the creation of the Special Economic Zone set up in 2001 to create Astana – The New City and at the same time trying to create a viable history of what was and is now the state of Kazakhstan. Both are fabrications of Homeric proportions.

    The Special Economic Zone was a way for Nursultan and his thug-capitalist buddies to cash in via a huge construction project created for one purpose – to line pockets of those in the KZ Post-Soviet elite. There were millions of dollars made on this boondoggle of a project. The dirty little secret is most of these buildings remain shells; devoid of human activity. Only a smattering of official government activity. So Astana needs to be put in proper context – a massive construction project with huge kickbacks and profits accruing to the new ruling elite. The more logical and historical center was Almaty to the south. If nothing else Astana has been slow to take off, not unlike Brazillia in Brazil.

    The other part of the sham is even more insidious with Nazarbayev trying to create a silk purse out of a sows ear – a completely fabricated history of Kazakhstan that never really existed. Many of the people of this region remain for the most part simple and uncomplicated nomads embracing a simpler life. But the official history casts them in a whole new light – the Sun People with a long developed culture. Yes there is a culture but nothing like Nursultan’s official history. NWO, not sure. I’ve always seem Nazarbayev as a basic money grubbing thug who sees grandeur only in a very limited frame work. I’m not sure that he’s smart enough to be part of the Illuminati.

    Finally I’d say Astana visually is a turd in a punch bowl as cities go. It’s so sterile, so spiritually chilly to be there. It’s an architectural monstrosity. Being in Astana makes you want to be somewhere else where the soul can be liberated, you can feel warmth and gain a sense of humanity – like Paris.


  2. In the I Pet Goat II film the ‘cyber man’ is holding an egg and it looks like he is torturing the ‘egg head’ boy. Tesla’s Egg of Columbus? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla%27s_Egg_of_Columbus
    Many people are starting to suspect an event this coming Easter April Fools, from the Pet Goat film and now from the SuperBaal. Score 33= 3/30 = Passover = Prince sacrificed on Passover to 41 = 4/1 = the Phoenix (Eagle) rises from the ashes.


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