ISIS In America – How Will You Deal With It?

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ISIS is getting killed in Syria so Obama is urging them to come to America as war refugees.  Why else are we taking in able bodied fighting men?  They certainly aren’t women and children.  Say it like it is – we are getting ISIS mercenaries because they are getting killed by Russia in Syria.

Now we are supposed to accept this and deal with it?  What is your personal plan?  Have you figured one out yet?

And why are we allowing the ISIS training camps to continue?  Why isn’t our military dismantling them?  Is it because they are government sponsored?  It sure looks like it to me.

Dianne Marshall

4 thoughts on “ISIS In America – How Will You Deal With It?

  1. Cherokee says:

    I agree with you 100% Dianne, I`ve saying for years ” why hasn`t the government gone in and shut these training camps down?” The only answer I can see is that ISIS is being used to propagate wars that the Bankers make money from. That doesn`t change that fact that they are here and we need to get ready to see thes attacks here at home. I do suggest getting ready for all hell to break loose.


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