Hillary does the same thing, Obama does the same thing…what thing is that?


Is Levin being objective or is he just out-shouting the people who want some answers?  Of course he is disgusted with media lies and a free pass for the likes of Hillary and Obama.  To me, these two disgusting politico’s are the reason the people need to vet all the rest!  Especially vetting the ones that are always changing their stance, their statements and what they stand for.  Like Rubio and Carson.  We don’t need anymore double talking candidates that say what is needed to get elected then go back to their real agenda or someone elses, like a key donor.

Like it or not….they have and they do.  Especially Carson.  Rarely, and I do mean rarely has Carson commented in an interview, at an event, or on the campaign trail where he has not come back and said that is not what I said.  Or that is not what I meant.  The man had better learn how to be more cognitive in sharing his thoughts and stance or it is not going to fare well.  Other than farewell.

One very good example is Carson’s tax plan.  He repeatedly said he believed in a tithe tax like the Bible states.  Well, the Bible tithe is 10 percent.  Every Christian knows that as a fact.  Those who were liking his tax plan and his 10 percent were surprised at the last debate when he said, “I didn’t say 10 percent.  I said a tithe.  That can be 15 percent, etc.  Was that misleading?

Well, I for one expect straight talk.  He had never spoken of any more than the standard definition of a tithe which is 10 percent until called out that those numbers would be lacking to run the nation.  Haven’t we had enough of being told one thing, only to later be told we weren’t listening and what was actually said was another?  We are not mind readers…we are looking for straight up answers and honest statements that are not misleading or open ended.  Nor are we looking for someone that keeps saying that is not what I said when there are videos showing he said it.  I am not talking about made up words or fill in the blank words like the Trump “where ever”.  That was a terrible accusation that was not true.

I’m not talking about quotes in books here, I am talking about words from the mouth to my ears of the one speaking.  Hillary does the same thing.  Obama does the same thing.  What does that tell you?

In his interview he uses the math to show ten percent.  But, now we know that was just any example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aPeNJlBxLk

Dianne Marshall

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