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Carson is correct.  Obama was not and still has not been properly vetted by the media.  Yet, the people all know he has committed treason and abused executive order privilege.  Nothing is done.  Hillary has not been interviewed with hard questions and has been given a media pass. She is responsible for a trail of blood and deceptive practices, including lies, and in return is running for the highest office in the land. The establishment own the puppets and rig elections and polls. Yet, nothing is done, and no one calls it out on all news networks.  It all gets swept under the rug.

So why can’t he have a free pass too?  Watching  videos of Carson where he speaks what he believes, along with listening to his past comments on the news and event speeches, there is one thing clear. In an election, people are not mind readers. They go by what comes out of a person’s mouth, not what he may be thinking and not saying. I am sick and tired of his blaming the listener for calling him out on what comes from his own mouth.

He needs to make his ideas more cognitive if he doesn’t want people to quote his stance from what he says with his own mouth. If he wants to have it both ways it simply isn’t flying. Nor is it making any sense.

What is even more disturbing are opinions of others that all the GOP candidates should stop debating against each other and all run on their unquestioned ideas and all go after Hillary before any are even nominated for the Primary spot.  No one’s character should be questioned except for Trump, and no one should be asked hard questions, except for Trump, and no one should have loyal supporters unless you are for a candidate other than Trump. Well I ask Trump supporters this question.  Who is your number 2 choice?

If something happened and Trump didn’t win – who would you vote for?  Will the bad things said by the undecided reflect your vote?  Will bad things said by other candidate supporters reflect it?  I’m actually thinking Bernie would look good at that point.  At least he is saying what he believes and not lying. Who knows?

I thought this was a primary and debates where on who is the best candidate to win the election.  It is obvious this is an establishment Super PAC, poll fraud, identity crisis driven election and not for the faint of heart.  The democrats have their commies propped up while Obama and Saudi are giving missiles and launchers to ISIS to shoot down Russian passenger planes which will eventually start WWIII with Russia, and the BRICS will undoubtedly come to his aid….therefore….while Trump supporters are getting brow beat by other candidate’s supporters and being told to remain silent while Carson revamps his message, the world is escalating into a powder keg led by the western alliance for the establishment elite.  The same establishment who controls the elections and the global mess around the world.

So, what should we do?  Should we all shut up and let the candidates get free passes because the others were never vetted either?  Should Trump supporters shut up and let the misquotes and lies of the media placed in Trumps mouth ring out unchallenged?  Because, after all that is what we are now being told, isn’t it?

Shame on the silent majority for trying something different this time.  For standing up and shouting out the lies and the things that make no sense coming from the other candidates.  Shame on Trump supporters for pointing out Rubio’s gang of eight and his recent speeches to the illegal immigrants on how he will give them all amnesty.  Shame on Trump for wanting to secure our borders and shame on the silent majority for wanting to make America honest with lawful acts.

A doctor who thinks it is funny to discard the elderly because they may die five years after he saves their lives and brags that he chose pediatrics because it is more rewarding because they will live 50, 60, or 70 years after he performs surgery, and does not acknowledge that the elderly were once children too and have children and grandchildren who value their lives deeply, is a disgrace to the medical profession.  Yet, it is right in step with his recent remarks to take away  Medicare, not to mention it goes along with the death panel reasoning in Obama care.  Or did he just say that and was thinking something else and now I am misquoting him.

Misquoting is saying something a person did not say.  It is not saying something the person said, but meant to say another thing.  You can’t have it both ways.

It is what it is and it is a mess.

Dianne Marshall

7 thoughts on “CARSON IS RIGHT…

    1. I will never ever give up on our WONDERFUL President Trump!! He is a MAN of GOD and giving up on him you ARE giving up on GOD!! We the TRUE Americans love him and support HIM. You NEED to read your Bible folks this is all Biblical and what GOD wants GOD WILL get!! Thank you Jesus!! Read the Book of Revelations. Go and watch Kim Clemens on you tube or wherever you can. Why do you think he died 2 months after President Trump got in office??? I know cause God had to protect him from assassination. How would he know what to prophecy several of yrs before Trump even got elected. This is God’s last call to wake up people!! For us BELIEVERS keep your FAITH and PRAY fervently!!


    Carson and other conservatives need to address the two deadly Trojan Horses: Atheistic Secularism, falsely masquerading as religious “neutrality”, and Scientism, masquerading as science. These two lethal weapons have been brilliantly used with deadly effect by the godless left to decimate Theism; Americas’ Judaeo-Christianity history and heritage and by extension Conservative sociopolitical power and perspectives.

    “Make no mistake! Secularism is about the judicial and state enforcement of a godless sociopolitical system by brute force: The enforcement of an atheistic religious worldview and cultural lifestyle without God, spirituality and alternative theistic religious worldviews, tolerating no other. Accompanied by judicial threats and Government intimidation towards all who do not conform. In this sense secularism is no different to aggressive Communism, Socialism, Secular Humanism or Islam

    George Jacob Holyoake (13 April 1817 – 22 January 1906) was the founding father of “secularism”, and was first to use the word “secular”. He was a leader of the English “free-thought” movement that actively promoted atheism and socialism. He first coined the term “secularism” in1851.

    As a result of his six months blasphemy imprisonment and his role as editor of the radical atheist publication Oracle Holyoake he soon came to regard “atheism” as a negative word – hence his preference for “secularism”. As “secularism” was just another coded word for “atheism”. As both words meant one and the same, and produced exactly the same results: A godless lifestyle and socialist world “without God,spirituality and religion”

    In Kaufman v. McCaughtry – 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court set the precedence that acknowledged Atheism to be a “religion”. Because it was a group that was “religious in nature, even though it expressly rejects a belief in a supreme being. As is the case with Zen Buddhism”

    Lincoln was well aware of the potential threat of the”Dictatorship of the Judiciary”: Unelected U.S. Supreme Court justices “legislating from the bench” to impose their sociopolitical agenda on the nation against the will of the people,

    Abraham Lincoln wrote that:

    “If the policy of the government, upon vital questions, affecting the whole people, is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, the instant they are made…the people will have ceased, to be their own rulers…”


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