Trump 2nd place Iowa Poll a SHAM — paid for by Club for Growth Action!

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The poll that placed Trump in second place in Iowa was a fake— paid for by the Club for Growth Action and differs from the  NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll over the weekend that has Trump in first place in Iowa by five points.

Bragging in a press release, the Club For Growth raved about spending a million dollars in ads exposing Trump and used a skewed poll of 574 people to show their ads were effective.  Undoubtedly to make their GOP customers happy and to insure their money was well spent.  Well, in this case let the fools pay the fools, for the REAL CLEAR POLITICS IOWA AVERAGE ALSO STILL HAS TRUMP ON TOP OF THE GOP FIELD.

Trump was approached just before he launched his campaign by Club for Growth to run trash ads against the GOP for a million dollars. Trump turned them down and has since filed a Cease and Desist Demand letter for their defamation attempts at his character during his political campaign.

club trump-club-for-growth


club trump-letter-p1-normal

club trump-letter-p2-normalSpread the word and don’t allow these attack ads and false polls to bother you.  They are attack ads and attack polls.

Dianne Marshall


44 thoughts on “Trump 2nd place Iowa Poll a SHAM — paid for by Club for Growth Action!

    1. The Club for Growth is all for unfair free trade (immigration open borders). It’s an establishment group and it funds a lot of candidates, but not Trump. I’m glad Trump stood up to them. The Club for Growth should change it’s name to The Club for China’s Growth.

      CFG Action group is the one attacking Trump in Iowa and CFG Action group is just an offshoot of The Club for Growth. They were also the one’s who tried to get a million dollar donation from him and Trump said no way..

      “For three weeks Club for Growth Action ran a $1 million TV buy in Iowa. The ads exposed Donald Trump’s extremely liberal record on taxes, health care, bailouts, and property rights.”

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  1. Frances says:

    I did not believe the poll in the first place,not for the crowds #Trump has been getting. The idiots thought if #Trump seen his polls going down he would drop out,so sad when you live in a country that is unfair makes you wonder what else has gone on in politics that we don’t know. A shame when the people want #Trump and the corrupted gov. does not,but we will win. #Trump deserves it and we the people deserve it. Proud of #Trump standing up for his rights and thank you to his staff.


  2. Trump, thank you for loving America enough to expose these liars. You are one of Gods final Trumpets sounding. If Americans open their hearts and their ears and eyes they will be led to the truth. Thank you. Peace and love in Christ Jesus….


  3. JOYCE PUNT says:



  4. Glad seeing you guys as my Republican Fellows and the one who stand for fair and no PC or financial interest for so valuable revival of our the greatest nation!

    As we’re heading closers and closer to the election date it’s wise to expose all the problems facing our country and the world. I wish the present movement and contenders from the Republican party I would see in 2008, where it would be no way for Democrats to fake and to betray the fairness of the election process! By believe in God on the bad news, no matter how bad it’s, it’seems always a good news.


  5. Marlene Zullig says:

    I support Donald Trump. He has the leadership and love for this country that America desperately needs right now. Those who dare to attack him will not be successful because We the People are fed up with government corruption and payoffs. Trump 2016!


  6. Rick says:

    Yestersday I spoke to my local county Republican party rep, a fifty five year old patriot, who stated that in the past he had usually seen an average of four people show up for his political meetings. Recently those meetings have swelled to an averge of sixty persons rife with anger and determination, its depth and persistance was something he’d never witnessed before. They are all consistently pining for Donald Trump to save this country. I politely took his straw poll but we both knew who was my choice. Trump is the undoubtedly The One.


  7. Trump is the Real deal. Carson says a whole lotta nothing. What disgusts me, is that some people who said those who voted for Obama were idiots, are the very same people that like Carson! Just alot of flowery talk, with NO substance. His (Carson’s) website has NOTHING re Immigration, Jobs, or the Economy! Just because he is a minority, and always mentions God, people follow him. Yet, even his views on Abortion, have past conflicting stories. Do people research him – NO! That is why Trump must start exposing Carson for the fraud that he is.


  8. When my wife told me about the poll I said immediately that it was fake or paid for by “The establishment business as usual career progressive politicians and/or their Super Pac’s”, I don’t have anything against someone being a Seventh Day Adventists “Carson” or Mormons (LDS) “Rubio” but severely question their judgement to be so as Mormons believe the “Book Of Mormon” is older than the Bible (Their only true guiding force, to them the Bible is secondary and not relevant) and both believe you cannot pass through the Gates of Heaven unless you are Baptized as one of them.
    John said:
    God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16
    I simply believe in God’s one and only Son, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Savior.
    It’s just plain and simple like God’s word and is for everyone, not just the chosen 115,000 souls who will make it to Heaven, as taught by the “7th Day Adventists and Jehovah Witnesses”…… Sorry Dr. Carson.


  9. It’s to bad that they can tamper with the Poles! Now you know how Obama got elected like I always knew.. I hope they can put a stop to that!! So we don’t get the wrong president in the white house like we did before Go-Trump-Go #TRUMP


  10. I’m not surprised at another lying claim. All I can say is if people are willing to support liars, our country will be dead. I pray Trump’s body guards are on the alert at all times. Look how quickly and strangely JFK was murdered right after he told our people that he was going to reveal a truth about the plan to make each American citizen a slave………..NWO/Bilderberg runs the world.


  11. Like I have been saying for a couple of weeks any poll numbers can be doctored and become very misleading. They are going to try and do whatt ever it takes to get under Mr. Trump’s skin and to chase us away. Remain calm, our next president Mr. Trump is going to win this and on 20 January 2017 will be sworn in as our next president. The numbers to believe are the ones when they report what we the people have voted on starting in February 2016. The important thing is when the voting booths open get your self and any one else you can take with you and vote. The only way they can win is if we don’t cast the votes. Make America Great Again.


  12. SMH says:

    I can’t wait until Trump loses. You have all surrounded yourselves with so many like minded people that you are able to simple create the world you want to live in within your own imaginations and you just feed off of each other. You just quoted the RCP as having trump ahead in the polls, which it does, but he is also down from his high of 32 according to the very same RCP poll and Carson is within 4 points and still climbing. So whether or not you want to believe that Trump is losing in general he is without a doubt losing ground. But it’s all irrelevant, trump will never win the election if he manages to survive the primary. You’ll be lucky if a republican wins at all. Your kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Sorry to burst your bubble kids, sober up before is too late.


    1. Like it or not. All things will work according to God’s plan. Right now is a separation of the sheep from the goats. Those for righteousness and those for evil beast dominance. Sounds like you want the beastly new world order global dominance. Good luck.


  13. corinnevit says:

    I Pray for Donald Trump every day!! God Blessed him with an unbelievable Brain!! he really didn’t even want to be president But he couldn’t help it!.. he Loves America! he can see that it is going down the drain!! And knows he can fix it. he foresees things before they happen. Thank God For #Trump a man of wisdom THAT WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!


  14. The Christian Libertarian says:

    Why do people who claim to be conservatives always vote for candidates that push bigger government, more power at the federal level, and more power for the executive? I can not understand how someone can claim to be a conservative and push those ideas. Government has the right to take your property for the benefit of private corporations that donate to their campaigns. Government has the right to spend as much as it wants as long as the program is considered a “conservative” one. Single payer healthcare is now a good idea if it comes from a Republican. Says one one side of his mouth that the affairs of other nations aren’t our business, and with the other side that we’re going to bomb the hell out of everyone. Tax plan creates a larger deficit than any of the other candidates… EVEN ESTABLISHMENT candidates!

    But he can’t be bought… right? So lets dump the middle man and put the buyer in the position he previously had to buy.

    Measure every candidate words against actions. If they don’t match up, they either don’t understand the policies


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