What is with all the ghost writers on the best seller that a boy list?


Why is it all these best seller guys like Beck, O’Reilly and others talk about their team of people who helped them ghost write their books?  Why are they even touting that they have these best sellers by their own names?  Well, I wrote four books and had no ghost writers, no one to blame for anything I said or did not say….on my own merit.  So did the authors of old.  I say, what is wrong with this picture?  You either authored something on your own or you did not. Geeze…where has the literary world gone?  In the trash or the can of everyone’s opinion approved by the author?  Get real people….why are you reading ghost written garbage?

Dianne Marshall, Real Author


2 thoughts on “What is with all the ghost writers on the best seller that a boy list?

  1. Right?! Like James Patterson. Who knows how many of the books he actually wrote. I became suspicious when when he began churning out 20 books a year, plus kid books! Then it came out about his ghost writers. He now has a writing course. Guess I’ll hire someone to take it for me! Why would anyone want to be a ghost writer? You’re going to write a best seller for someone else to slap their name on??? Maybe one day I will, but it is not this day!

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