Ben Carson, “I Used To Be A Flaming Liberal.” – Until I Decided To Run For President?


Carson states that he used to be a flaming liberal, then he speaks of listening to Ronald Reagan and decided he made sense.  Yet, he did not say when he changed his stance on being a flaming liberal in his actions.  He also did not speak of the fact that he did not register to vote until he considered to maybe run for some sort of public office in 2001. Nor did he mention that he never voted for anyone in the primaries and only voted in general elections of  2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.  I am sure that due to his extreme stance on minorities that he was a proud voter of Obama. Wonder when someone will ask him?

Although Carson plays a very sly game of vague opinions and tries hard to speak soft and in broad generalities, there must be someone out there that can pin him down for a direct answer on the pertinent questions.  The hard ones like why did it take so long for his conservative self, who was influenced by Ronald Reagan, so long to become a conservative?  As he did not change his stance on key conservative issues until he registered as a Republican 6 months prior to his announcement that he was running for president.  And why did he wait until he was running for president on the GOP ticket before he changed his views on the second amendment (he was for gun control), and his pro choice abortion view, his pro sustainable development agenda 21, and his social justice views against the white advantage?  He also thought it would be good to have a 25% tax on all sporting events.  These issues were reported as facts by the Independence Party of Florida of which he was a part of until 6 month prior to running for president.

So where he once was a flaming liberal, all that changed when he decided to run for the oval office.  Now I ask you, could you change your core conservative beliefs in such a short length of time to run on a  Democratic ticket?

Do you believe Carson would give up his life work of advocating divisive racial issues to run on a GOP ticket?  Or do you think there is still a flicker of that liberal flame left inside?

I know what I access here and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.  But, it just might take one to pull it off.

Dianne Marshall

6 thoughts on “Ben Carson, “I Used To Be A Flaming Liberal.” – Until I Decided To Run For President?

  1. Okay. At this time in my opinion Dr. Carson seems to be slipping as indicated by his continue statements that are not making much sense and his direction is confusing and he is at this point not able to plan and stand on the course. He is mumbling on and on and where he is going no one knows. I believe he is asking for help even some one to talk to but on face book this is not our program. So, if someone who is kind and feels comfortable talking to him on message in private with his consent please do. If time allows, I will be happy to try but not make the opening. I am unable to diagnoses any physical or mental medical problems per say but the symptoms are something else. He may be under medical care which I he is he is if he has a diagnoses but that is confidentail and only Dr. Carson can give information and allow some one to converse with him, it would be a special favor.


  2. Dr. Carson at this time and all things considered you should consider vacating the thought of running for office of POTUS of the US. You do not demostrate having the sincerety, and the qualifications necessary to lead our country back to being great once again. Wishing you the best.


  3. James West says:

    Why don’t you admit that you are just “anti-Carson.” Your piece has nothing objective or thought-provoking. It demonstrates pure bias against Carson in favor of some other candidate. The video you showed does NOT give the impression you concluded it did. He said “I WAS a liberal.” Don’t you even understand the English language? WAS is past tense. It signifies that there has been a change in one’s thinking. Reagan himself WAS a liberal before his eyes were opened. How can you give a pass to Reagan, but not to Carson? And he did not say that the change in his thinking was prompted by his decision to run for President. You implied that in an effort to smear him with conservatives. Attack him on his policies, but not on his past. Makes one wonder what you are covering up from your past!


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