Ben Carson continues to wander around the media circuit and somehow dodge the bullets.  Not because he is fast, but because he just goes so slow the snipers miss.  They are used to moving targets and Carson’s energy is below snail speed. His eyes are closed 92% of the time which leave people wondering if he is napping or recalling.  Some have suspected he is self medicated, others believe he has read his own books so much he is now in sleepwalker mode.

Either way, one will have to admit nothing he is saying can be repeated for it always changes and of course who ever  does bother to quote him in an interview are told they just didn’t understand his campaign methodology.   (Here is where you scratch your head and wonder. Trust me you’re not alone.)

Ben reminds me of a child on the playground sitting under the sliding board while the other kids all climb up and slide down.  Carson seems to enjoy crouching beneath with his eyes closed listening to the others play.  Or is he cringing from the LOUD VOICES  of those interacting with others and the thump, thump swish as they come down the slide?   It’s really hard to tell.

I guess that’s what happens when you become a god like image in the ghetto.  You seem to forget the real struggles others are facing because you are too busy talking about yourself.  You really aren’t interacting, you are sitting under the sliding board with your eyes closed.

Just ask his disillusioned fan club in Baltimore where Carson had worked at John Hopkins for 30 years.  To them, Dr. Carson is now, old Ben and he is all but a hypocrite who has sold them a bill of goods.  They had their years of using him and his anger issues to try and make the kids walk the line.  That didn’t seem to work so well. Did you see the riots?

Giving others space to destroy is an old Carson concept and it just doesn’t work so well.  Even though he seems to have invented it.  Have you listened to his childhood stories?  Well, old Ben went down to the riots that followed the death of Freddy Gray  to address the racial unrest and told them his pearls of wisdom to be self reliant and turn the other cheek.

J. Wyndal Gordon, an attorney representing some who had been arrested in the protests, said “Oh how novel, work hard and go to school.  We’ve been teaching ourselves and our kids that for decades and generations … Dig a little deeper.”

I had no idea of the way the schools and even the courts were using old Ben as a new age idea to reign in crime and turn the ghettos around. He’s been well entrenched in the racism issues peddling his own brand of snake oil to remedy what ails the community.  Well, now we know his ideas literally suck.  It certainly failed in Baltimore and we all saw how that community rolled out together, now didn’t we?

On Carson’s legacy in Baltimore, Gordon said – “I’ve seen judges require defendants read his book as part of sentencing– it’s fading now. He’s losing credibility with the Black community because he’s disconnected himself.  The man has done great things in his time, it’s unfortunate that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but only a minute to lose it.”

And to think he wants to implement his grand ideas to fix racial issues from the oval office? He wants to tinker with the edges that are left.  I say put him back under the slide and tell him to close his eyes.  He can self calm all day long, the show is over, no one wants to watch anymore!

Carson’s days of building a reputation on racism are over.  The only difference between him and Sharpton are style.  Sharpton screams with eyes wide open, and Carson whispers with eyes shut tight.  So is Carson a racist?  It’s up for you to decide.  One thing is fact – he has used racism issues to advance his own political career and bamboozle Baltimore.  But, now they are awake.  Carson is found wanting.

Click to read more on Carson-  “From Idol to Sell Out”:

Dianne Marshall


  1. Jake Edmonds says:

    Character assassination is not an appealing read. How you can take words of encouragement to a warring community and blame the messenger assures there will never be any change or improvement. You are siding with a massive ghetto of people who need a positive message. The “sell out” reference should refer to you who apparently prefers to indulge these people instead of hold them accountable.


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