Ted Cruz is definitely being revealed for the NWO Sustainable Development Agenda 21 Drama King Puppet.  The only thing he gets a vote for in my book is the award for the “Worst Shakespeare Interpretation In A Political Speech.”

Where is the media with the hard questions?  Oh they are having coffee with Heidi and chatting on how the North American Union is coming along.

This one truly speaks exactly what I have been saying…..who would have thought it would take a liberal to spell it out.  Must watch….as Cruz gives a bunch of ridiculous high school drama nonsense and the people cheer (even though they all know Cruz gave no pathway to achieve any of it, or did they even grasp that?)  Why doesn’t anyone hold Cruz to the same standards they hold Trump?  The answer is because Cruz is a bought Koch Brothers boy for the establishment and Trump is for the people and making America great again!

Last but not least – Ted Cruz was born in Canada, even though his mother who was an American citizen and became a Canadian citizen but later in 2005 became American citizens again, and even if you argue that issue, his mother who was American born did not go to the US Consulate in Canada and fill out the proper papers to claim Teddy as a US citizen. Whew – that was a mouthful, but so is Cruz.

Dianne Marshall



  1. No one will do this story on GOP dirty tricks against #Trump…do you have the nerve??
    [snip]WHEN is someone going to expose Greg Walden??? This is an interesting little chart that PROVES ‪#‎Trump‬’s point. The ranking of the 247 Republican members of Congress. Paul Ryan ranks number 179 out of 247 with a rating of 57%. He votes nearly as often with the Dems. Greg Walden..he’s the one running NRCC who is selling #Trump gear to promote THEIR candidates!
    Worst of the worst!

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    1. AuntB says:

      Diane, if you get this let me know…I’m Billie Nix on Facebook (TheTownCrier) I’d love to email a few chapters of my book to your grandson re: Civil War in Indian Territory.

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  2. Michael A. Kelly says:

    This is an evident hit piece by a Trumpbot presenting liberal talking points and distortions. Ted Cruz did not shut-down the government, Obama, the democrats, and weak-kneed republicans chose to shut down the government to protect Obamacare at all costs. There is no reason individual appropriations for each department could not have been passed, that is how the budget process is supposed to work, not an all or nothing budget. Heidi Cruz (who is not running for office) is not a globalist. She worked for the CFR where she wrote a dissenting opinion in their presentation. Yes, Ted Cruz is bold enough to suggest we should go after terrorists and defend ourselves from all enemies using whatever methods are necessary. Finally, it has been clearly proven that Ted Cruz is an American citizen as was his mother at the time of his birth. Using the logic of this article and videos the children born to US military personnel serving overseas would not be citizens either.

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    1. “Citizen at birth” is NOT the question, as it is NOT the qualification…Our 14th Amendment Naturalization statutes for immigrants make it possible for a variety of circumstances to be “citizens at birth” – including improper court interpretations regarding “anchor babies.” – The qualification is “natural born Citizen,” which is a “True Citizen” – a condition produced by and existing in Nature alone…. due to no act of man-made law…

      Our “courts” currently recognize four types of citizens…
      1) natural born Citizen, children born to a citizen Father;
      2) naturalized citizens, those gaining citizenship under 14th naturalization statutes, immigrants;
      3) native born citizens, ie; native American Indians, etc;
      4) “undocumented citizens,” which of course, are not citizens at all by our laws…

      Only ONE of these can hold the office of president or vice president, a True Citizen, a natural born Citizen…. All natural born Citizens are “citizens at birth” but not all “citizens at birth” are “natural born Citizens.”…

      It is this simple…Born in America’ AND ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof’…

      You MUST be both…..and to be ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ means you owe no allegiance to any foreign government…..which means that your parents can not owe allegiance to any foreign government…

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      1. AuntB says:

        Hi!! I’ve been too sick to be on Facebook.

        FYI More on the dishonest Ted Cruz


        Ted Cruz Was For Birthright Citizenship Before He Was Against It Cruz has reversed himself . Four years ago he said conservatives shouldn’t spend much time on this given the futility of trying to pass an amendment. Four years later, in the thick of a primary campaign, suddenly Cruz thinks we “absolutely” should try to end the policy and that it’s “possible” we’ll succeed, albeit difficult Presidential candidate Ted Cruz in 2015 piggybacking on Donald Trump: Senate candidate Ted Cruz in 2011: video


        Ted Cruz dodges questions on deportation “Why is it so hard? Why don’t you just say yes or no?” Kelly asked

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    2. Cruz talks a lot and does nothing..he always has.. Shakespeare.. Idk about that.. Shakespeare sounds much better. All that whining is like chalk on a chalk board..No he isn’t eligible and yes he was for legal status for illegals and now has done a 180 degree turn and copying Trump. He has no ideas of his own..he copies Trump and Rand Paul..he is one strange guy.

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  3. The Cruz couple are more ambitious and ruthless than Bill and Hillary. But, you can print out the facts .. with links and resources to his supporters and they still refuse to care.. They think because he says “G-d” and “Constitution” he has to be good. I even refer them to the “True” ‘conservative’ Constitutional Scholar, Chief Justice John Roberts …… Unfortunately, I know how they feel …. it hurts to be scammed.

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  4. He forgot Common Core in his 5 things!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  5. John says:

    This is hilarious…you liberals are effing nuts. Liberalism is most certainly a mental disorder. For the moron that said Cruz is a globalist candidate, check out conservative and you will see he scores a 97% based in his voting record. Only Mike Lee ranks higher….Cruz is our best hope….oh and please….do you really want to go there with the whole natural born continent bullshit? Lol…..the author of this article is just dumb….no other words can more accurately describe….


  6. A legally sitting President Trump could issue an executive order for action to be taken on the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold-Case Posse.

    President Trump could retroactively abrogate both of the Manchurian Muslim Mulatto and Messiah to Marxists from Mombasa’s illegal elections to the office of POTUSA and as well retroactively abrogate as having taken place in the commission of the criminal usurpation of the office of president as well as that of the position of commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces everything that the ‘Empty Chair’ has accomplished during the commission of his crimes.

    Bathhouse Barry has accomplished far more for Islam than he had ever dreamed he would be able to. The only important thing now to Barack Hussein Osama is that the gains he has achieved for Islam are preserved.

    Donald Trump will be forced by the quisling G.O.P. leadership to take on as his vice-presidential running mate an individual who is as constitutionally ineligible to be president as Barry Soetoro, (or as his mother listed his name in one of her US Passports ‘Soebarkah.’), in order to prevent a President Trump from proceeding with an investigation into Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah’s criminal usurpation of the office of POTUSA-an investigation which quite naturally would lead to leadership within both the Republican and Democrat parties being brought up on charges of treason against the Constitution of the United States of America.

    It is most interesting that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are taking jabs at each other. It is my guess that the G.O.P. leadership had hoped to saddle Trump with a controlling Cruz–Cruz Control if you please– because the constitutionally ineligible Cruz would have been the perfect prevent defense that those accomplices to the single most sinister conspiracy to contravene the Constitution which has ever been undertaken in America’s history need now to put into place before the unthinkable to them happens and Donald Trump is sworn in as the legal sitting president of the United States and does among his first orders of business what those who would defend the Constitution pray he does do: Defends the honor of the office of President of the United States of America and prosecutes Mr. Barack Hussein Obama for having fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally eligible to be president while knowingly not so and twice illegally occupied the presidency. Clearly the Donald is not having the G.O.P.’s leaderships additional option of Cruz Control added to his campaign’s vehicle.

    You know as well as I that Barry publicized himself as having been born in what is now called Kenya for some SIXTEEN YEARS before first illegally occupying the presidency.

    Barack Hussein has NEVER been the legal sitting president of the United States. A crime of the magnitude of that of the criminal usurpation of the presidency must be addressed. Many heads will role if President Trump honors his oath of office to defend the Constitution–that’s ALL of the Constitution including the Article II natural-born citizen clause.

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  7. Ted Cruz is nothing more than a liar and deceiver, he and his wife both supports and are involved in the north American union scheme, the dems and the gop are all in this together for the NWO and we better think twice before we elect another same Ole same Ole and or let them pick our president again for us that they have done for decades, people are finally waking up to this corruption in our government.

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