26 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – 111,600 MUSLIMS ESCORTED INTO U.S.!

  1. Good Bye USA, I am moving my family to Israel!! Where we will be safe. No wonder Scripture says, “‘ALL’ Nations shall rise up against Israel.” It will be the only Arab free Nation left.


  2. Frank says:

    This guy is as nuts as the lady that posted this on youtube. Sounds like someone sat down and wrote a story. They made that story believable with facts that sounded plausible. By adding small details like, the Muslims got drinks with freshly printed money and such, this was supposed to make this report seem credible. Please, folks, go back to your lives…..

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    1. karen says:

      I live in Texas where the buses went through our state to Rusk Okla, bus loads of them stopping at a truck stop called Love’s on the way for water and food, they were spending crisp fresh US dollars and carrying their prayer rugs and Qurans. we had them sighted by people who work and live along the way they were taken.


  3. Steve says:

    I originally heard Texas and Oklahoma and now it makes even more sense to be Oklahoma and Kansas. First being put into camps and then later filtered into OK and KS. Keep updating the story. I have sent it out to all my contacts and posted on social media.

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    1. Steve, Please do let us know if you hear of anything a little more credible. I have requested vetting by folks associated with our military, and LEOs, and have received no corroboration.We may be getting hoaxed.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more. The uncertainty of the uncertainty makes me detest the entire “machine”.It’s like.. “You’re in denial!”…”No I’m not!”…….”See?” We have been marginalized, demonized, and castigated to the point of virtual isolation. Who knows who to trust? I try to assess what someone (or thing) has to gain, or lose. THAT is why I’m convinced Mr.Trump is probably the only American who can save us!

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  4. Deb says:

    This is why he took tax-payers money to train ISIS! His plan was to use them to destroy the US, but Russia stepped in, thank God, and there are fewer now, but yes I agree he is bringing these S0-called Immigrants in to join his “Secret Army” to try to control and kill US citizens! He will allow a percentage of them to enlist in our own Military to destroy with-in it while the other percent are distributed throughout America to destroy whom-ever they please! Obama and his Administration need to be Taken Down!!

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  5. Ann says:

    Sure, as usual most were captivated by the shooting in Oregon while the corrupt punks in D.C. continue to overwhelm us. I’m livid the corrupt media has such control over our ability to think and reason. When these “coincidences” occur we should always look for the real news elsewhere. These shootings are not coincidental. News With Views, Pastor Chuck Baldwin suspects a “Manchurian Candidate.” So do I. It is beyond reason to think these are all coincidences. http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin877.htm

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  6. Lia Red Rose says:


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    1. Gary Gray says:

      Lia, Ignorant is the wrong word. In your context it should be FOOLISH! Ignorant’s root word is “ignore”. That’s when true facts are known but not used due to a person’s pride or selfishness. It can be fixed with a change of heart. But a fool is just dead in the water. They don’t know and don’t care. Ignorance is dishonesty to self. Fools are simply apathetic bas-terds.


  7. james says:

    I’m here to tell you sleepers to wake up pay attention look at whats going on how can you not see whats going on Obama is cutting back on our army size trying to take our guns away escorting MUSLIMS in America has turned blacks and whites against each other he has us at war among our selfs disarming us from our gun rights shrinking our army we are in danger and nobody is doing anything about we the people need to come together and stand up to this crazy insane person because the next president wont have a chance to fix his mess and we will all be in trouble to many americans are sleeping very few see whats going on and we the few that see it try to point it out you sleepers turn your heads wake up this is real

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  8. I think Washington should have gotten Americans permission to bring these refugees in our country instead of just doing. Let 1 refugee start any shit and Im heading to Washington to make sure they get rid of Obama and these refugees


    1. james hill says:

      Obama should have been long gone I believe Obama knows what he is doing he is tearing America apart striping us of are gun rights so when can’t defend our self allowing all these people over here in our country taking away the bible the bible is peaceful why destroy what brings peace gods laws has kept us at peace now that we have taking it away look at how the united states has been turned upside down all kinds of outraged things going on he has turned us against each other heart people who needs medical care Obama does not belong in the white house how can the united states not see what has been going on since he has been there he is not doing anything about the attacks now they are talking about hitting dc we need to unite with the other countrys and wipe them out war is war and they have declared it on us and many others we can’t help who gets hurt when we drop bombs over there we can’t help if there kids get hurt are an old lady crossing the street get blown in pieces we can’t tell our soldiers watch out for the citizens there its kill or be killed and that is just war we need to do what we got to do to protect our country back in the day when we had war we went there to kill and won many wars that way when all said and done I can see helping the citizens but as of now we need to put the fear of America in them before its to late Obama needs to be removed I think he wants to see us destroyed and if we keep him in there another year we are done if not now


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