Wednesday night at a New Hampshire rally with over 3,500 in attendance, Trump told the crowd he was not in favor of accepting Syrian refugees.  “They could be ISIS…I don’t know.”

Trump is right to question the intent of all the refugees.  European nations who have accepted their share are now regretting they ever did.  Hungary has went before their Parliament to enact laws to defend their borders against the aggression these able-bodied men have shown against them and are now arming their borders with soldiers and fighting the crime taking place inside their nation.  They are building a wall to assist in deterring any more.  When Hungary first complained about the refugee problem, the other European nations were quick to condemn their negative actions.  However once the refugees entered other European states, the sentiment became the same with all who allowed them in.  Germany has said “NO MORE”.  Europe is being bombarded and they have no way of taking care of them nor the violence most of the refugees are bringing with them.

Trump said to the crowd, “Did you ever see a migration like that?  They’re all men and they’re all strong-looking guys.  There are so many men; there aren’t that many women.  And I’m saying to myself – why aren’t they fighting to save Syria?  Why are they migrating all over Europe?  Seriously?”

Trump suggested that it could be possible that these refugees are perhaps a terrorist army in hiding. He was against the Presidents proposals to accept up to 200,000 of these potential terrorists in coming years calling it inconceivable. Citing they had no identification and it was unknown exactly where they were from.

Trump got roars of cheering and received the loudest applause of the night from the crowd when he said –  “If I’m elected, they’re going back!  And if I lose, I guess they’re staying, but if I win, they’re going back!”

Trump seems to be the only candidate taking such a strong stance against what is obviously imminent danger.

Written by Dianne Marshall





  1. Barbare Collare says:

    we all are dumb even accepting them into our countries , now it will be a fight forever to maintain our ways of life which they will try to change and control. Russia and I think China are going to take out isis i believe so they can go back and rebuild their own countries because we don’t want their armies they are sending disguised as refugees to stay in any of our civilized countries and ruin them as they have done to theirs. they are less than evil savages.There has never been a doubt in my mind they are and these people are their army not refugees just in waiting , the only reason they brought any women and children is for their own pleasure seeing they all rape them and then share their property as they think they are worthless trash.


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